Regis Prograis Alleges Haney Paid To Alter His Boxing Record

November 15, 2023
5 months

In today’s boxing news, Regis Prograis has claimed that there are rumors that Devin Haney had paid money to remove a loss from his record that occurred in Mexico.

The pair will face off on December 9th, 2023, as Prograis defends his WBC belt at 140. The fight will be Haney’s first bout at junior welterweight, something which could make him a two-division champion.

Although Haney remains the youngest undisputed champion of the four-belt era following his feats at 135, it appears that his undefeated record has been called into question.

Haney’s record currently stands at 30-0, with 15 wins by way of knockout. But rather than that being the case, Prograis has suggested otherwise.

Prograis On Haney’s Record

“So I’m hearing Devin lost a fight in Mexico earlier in his career but he paid to take it off his record. IF that’s true that’s the weakest shit I ever heard so far in boxing. Press conference is Tuesday and y’all reporters better not let this shit slide. Just got confirmation that it’s true. You all reporters better do your research,” Prograis said

As of now, Haney has yet to respond to this which is understandable since it will no doubt harm the boxer’s reputation. However, it is worth noting that Haney did have a reported 15 bouts in Mexico during the first half of his career.

Therefore, if there is any substance to the claims that were being made, then that will naturally come out in due time. Regardless of what the case may be, Prograis was intent on showing that he was the better fighter come fight night.

Prograis On The Fight

“Finally, we’re ready to go on Saturday, December 9. I can’t wait to put on a show, I’ve already started training camp. I’ll be more than ready to do what I do best. Devin has done well at 135lbs, but I’m the best in the world at 140lbs. I will prove that once again. They mentioned Devin’s name since my last fight. That’s the only person I’ve had on my mind. I will not only beat him, but I will beat him up. I will hurt this kid. There’s nothing he can do that’s going to stop me from dominating. It’s going to be a massacre. Again, I will hurt him,” Prograis stated

Come fight night, one fighter will have a loss on their record unless it is declared a draw. Haney does remain undefeated, but his last bout against Vasiliy Lomachenko was controversial.

Despite Haney being given the win via a unanimous decision, the majority of the boxing community felt that the boxer had come out second best.

But without a rematch going ahead, Haney’s record remains intact. As for Prograis, his only loss came at the hands of the former undisputed champion Josh Taylor at 140.

But at the age of 34, Prograis is well aware that the chances of getting mega fights later down the line are slimmer due to him entering the latter parts of his career. And with so much on the line, both boxers know a win is needed at all costs.

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