Poirier Targets A Boxing Fight Against Nate Diaz – ‘That Would Be Fun’

July 11, 2024
2 weeks
Poirier Targets A Boxing Fight Against Nate Diaz - 'That Would Be Fun'

Dustin Poirier is open to having a boxing match against Nate Diaz

Following Diaz’s win over Jorge Masvidal, The Diamond is interested in crossing over. He is known for his great striking ability, which would benefit him in the sport. Dustin showed his striking when he knocked out Benoit St Denis at UFC 299. It was the perfect response after getting stopped by Justin Gaethje at UFC 291.

According to the stats, Masvidal showed that he could trouble Diaz, landing numerous power punches more than Nate. The decision may not have gone in his favor. But Dustin saw enough for him to take an interest. If Poirier were to pursue that fight, it may signal an end to his UFC career, with a world title looking more unlikely.

Poirier Reacts

“A boxing match? Of course [that would excite me]. Of course. Just a change of speed, a different training camp, just something different. I’ve been doing MMA for a while, and I still love the training camps and I love fighting. But to go to purely boxing, the training camp would be a lot less wearing on the body. No wrestling, no jiu-jitsu, it would be boxing, running, swimming. That would be fun stuff. I would box Nate [Diaz], I would box Nate. Either [MMA or boxing works for me] but I would rather [fight] Nate in boxing,” Poirier revealed

Meanwhile, Diaz has hit out at Masvidal for complaining over the scorecards in their boxing fight. Diaz won a majority decision to avenge his UFC 244 fight in 2019. On that occasion, Masvidal won to become the first BMF Champion. Masvidal performed better than the scorecards showed. The statistics below show Masvidal out-landed Diaz in all punch departments except for the jab.

Masvidal’s Response

Masvidal landed 152 power punches and 182 punches. Meanwhile, Diaz connected with 115 power punches and 151 punches. Masvidal alleged that the judges were swayed by the pro-Diaz crowd, who was fighting in his backyard at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Gamebread then called for a trilogy on neutral territory. But Diaz’s post-fight comments suggested his attention was elsewhere, as he called out Jake Paul and Leon Edwards

“I definitely know the judges were influenced by the crowd because a lot of those shots were landing in the corner. I was just getting my timing. He’d throw three or four shots that wouldn’t land, and then I’d throw a good power shot. I’d see that I’d hurt him and I’d back him up or he would start goofing around. (I) hurt him to the body numerous times.

“I think one or two of the judges only gave me two rounds. There’s just no way. We were looking at the fight right now in the locker room, the meaningful shots, and a lot more of the meaningful shots were landed by me. I just feel that it didn’t go my way, but whatever. We’re 1-1, we can run it back some place like Vegas. Make it a neutral place and let’s…throw down,” Masvidal said


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