PFL Founder Talks Up The Organization Versus The UFC

November 15, 2023
4 months

The founder of the PFL, Donn Davis, has talked up the positives of his organization versus the UFC.

The UFC is arguably the top organization when it comes to MMA. However, the rise of Bellator, One Championship and the PFL have given it some serious competition.

The latter, PFL, in particular has been making waves. They managed to sign Francis Ngannou following his UFC exit. This has also been accompanied by other big-name signings such as Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano, Claressa Shields, and Savannah Marshall.

Not only that, but the PFL also recently secured over a $100 million investment from SRJ Sports Investments, as part of the wider Public Investment Fund.

The extra funds will no doubt allow the PFL to compete on a bigger level. This could include bigger purses for fighters, as well as providing them with more opportunities across the Middle East.

And at a time when the UFC has been accused of not doing enough to compensate their fighters, as shown by Jake Paul’s criticism of Dana White, the PFL is looking to set itself apart.

PFL’s Ambition

“UFC’s a great company, but PFL is a great company. We do everything they do and we do some things better. One, we pay better and two, you’re in control in the PFL. You’re not under somebody’s thumb. What you do inside the cage controls your future. “We’ve never had a fighter leave PFL in five years. We’re not a feeder league. Not one has ever left. When they get here, they go ‘this is fantastic’ and two, we’ve recruited a lot from the other guys. Francis Ngannou being the latest and the biggest,” Davis

And by the looks of it, this could be the start. Reports also indicate that the PFL could be in talks to purchase Bellator, with any suitors likely to pay up to $500 million to acquire it.

Although there is nothing definitive in that regard, the acquisition of Bellator would once again centralize PFL’s plans to be the best MMA organization out there. And that will only give fight fans more value for their money.

“UFC doesn’t have a monopoly on great fighters. PFL doesn’t have a monopoly on great fighters. Great fighters exist everywhere. Now those great fighters tend roll off contracts every two years so we can acquire them that way but if there were enough fighters that we could acquire at one time, that would be an interesting opportunity,” Davis

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