Panrit Survives Wild Brawl With Alexy Blayko

April 1, 2024
2 weeks

Panrit Lukjaomaesaiwaree didn’t hang around and admire his work. During the ONE Friday Night Fights Friday at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Panrit buckled Alexey Balyko a minute into their 140-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout. Balyko wasn’t ready to be done fighting after taking a near-knockout blow.

Instead, online boxing news shows that Balyko got back in front of Panrit and went to war. Neither man could find a sequence as exciting as their exchange on the ropes just a minute into the fight. Balyko was the more aggressive fighter, but Panrit succeeded in countering Blayko’s forward aggression.

What may have served Panrit well is his experience. With the win, Panrit now has an impressive 71-29 record. When he was faced with adversity, Panrit found the touches to keep his volume up and score a victory.

There were a lot of wild back-and-forth affairs during this fight night. A lot of fans left the stadium happy with how crash some of the action was.

Jurayev Shows What He’s Capable of

The way to any fight fan’s heart is to produce memorable moments in the cage or ring. Shakhriyor Jurayev made sure his first victory on ONE Friday Night Fights would leave a lasting impression. Jurayev’s dominance started from the outset of the fight, according to MMA news sites.

Jurayev showed he was ready to ensure he dictated the fight’s pace. Jurayev surprised his opponent, Numpangna Eaglemauythai, by catching a leg kick and dropping him with a right hook. But the assault wouldn’t stop them in the first round.

Instead, Jurayev would use more creativity to stop the fight in the second round. When Numpangna came forward with a combination, Jurayev fired off an elbow that landed on the neck and side of Numpangna’s face. What followed was a wild sequence.

Numpanga attempted to stack back but was rocked so severely that he did a split as he fell to the canvas. The referee quickly stepped in to stop the fight. Juaryev is now sporting a 36-3 record and should be making a climb up the rankings quickly.

Donking Impresses With His Striking

Much like Jurayev, Donking Yotharakmuaythai introduced himself to the ONE Championship fanbase with an excellent performance. In a back-and-forth battle with Chalongsuk Jacksonmuaythai, Donking did significant damage in his first 3 minutes and 54 seconds of fight time with the organization.

Donking leaned on using elbows to gain the upper hand in several wild exchanges during the first round. In the first 54 seconds of the first round, Donking landed a few stiff attacks. First, Donking countered an attempted uppercut by Chalongsuk with a right hook that scored a knockdown.

Seconds later, Donking unleashed an uppercut that ended the fight. Donking, 23, has shown he is a fighter who will be around a lot if ONE needs him to be. Donking has 91 professional fights under his belt and has 76 career victories.

Wait, How Old Are You Again?

There are many sports where you may not want to see someone super young participating at the highest level. By MMAfighting latest updates show that anyone messing with teenager Songpandin Chor Kaewwiset will be the one who is out of their element. Songpandin, 16, has already competed in 41 fights and compiled a 34-7 record.

Songpandin overwhelmed Wanchuchai Kaewsamrit in a 126-pound catchweight Muay Thai fight. From the outset, the teenage fighter fought at an intense pace that Wanchuchai couldn’t match. 

Sungprab Works Efficiently and Effectively

Sungprab Lookpichit didn’t keep people waiting to see how he would match up with Yodnamnuea N and P Boxing. During the 112-pound Muay Thai catchweight bout, Sungprab came charging out of his corner to start the fight. 

When Sungprab and Yodnamnuea met in the center of the ring, Sungprab dropped him with a counter right hand. Things didn’t get better from there for Yodnamnuea. Sungprab pounced back on him with another lengthy combination that stopped the fight.

Sungprab would force a stoppage to improve his record to 61-15.

Soe Lin Oo Picks Up Another Knockout Win

Soe Lin Oo is a fighter who has made the most of his time in professional Lethwei. During his career, he has 71 victories, 68 of which have come by knockout. Taking on Portuguese foe Fabio Reis in a bantamweight Muay Thai fight didn’t prove to be too big of a change of pace for Soe.

Soe and Reis were both active from the outset. Soe ended up picking up the pace in the second round. Once Reis felt the increased volume, there was little he could do to handle the heat. Soe dropped Reis with a stiff jab that stopped the fight in the second round.

Parham Wins in 62 seconds

Parham Gheirati may have hoped for more of a workout during a bout with Otop Or Kwanmuang. Gheirati, a 20-year-old fighter out of Iran, never let Otop feel like he had an opportunity to win. When the bell rang to start the fight, Gheirati nearly sprinted across to put some pressure on Otop.

Gheirati continued to pump out dangerous strikes at Otop. What ended up resulting from the amount of volume coming forward was a ferocious knockout. Gheirati connected with a straight right and a left hook that crashed through Otop’s guard.

Otop was immediately flung backward and had a distant look in his eyes. The referee waived a stop to the fight. There was a lot of action and a quick stoppage for a contest that only lasted 62 seconds.

  • Catchweight Muay Thai (140 pounds), Moe Htet Aung win by KO over Tomoya Maruyama, Round 3 2:50
  • Catchweight Muay Thai (152 pounds), Tuan Tran win by TKO over Yuya Jonishi, Round 3 :56
  • Catchweight MMA (163 pounds), Seiya Matsuda win by split decision over Mikhail Gritsanenko
  • Catchweight MMA (163 pounds), Akari Ogata win by TKO over Khojinsa Komoldinova, Round 3 1:16

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By Dean McHugh.