Nurse Realizes Major Mistake After Seeing This in the Newborn Baby’s Card

April 27, 2024
2 months

As Nurse Deena was making rounds around the NICU, something weird caught her eye. She immediately rushed towards the newborn baby, checking around to see if something was wrong. 

The baby was peacefully sleeping but something struck her. Something odd was the baby’s card, placed right above his head. When she bent down to get a closer look, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Who could do such a thing?!

Looking Around

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Nurse Deena immediately looked around in panic, thinking she’d be able to see if someone was running away from the scene. She was just alone in the room! The only ones with her are the newborn babies all peacefully getting their nap.

The baby was starting to wake up so she immediately soothed him. Looking at the baby’s adorable face, she vowed to get to the bottom of this.

Digging Deep

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After soothing the baby back to sleep, Nurse Deena figured she had a good few hours to find out through the other nurses and staff about the baby. 

She went through the NICU log book to see the names of the ones who visited for the day, but to her shock, no one had been here ever since. Worry settled in her stomach. This might be harder than she thought!

Rushing Away

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Nurse Deena went immediately to their station, asking around about the baby with the weird card. Nobody could tell her a straight answer! That’s when she realized she had to do the investigation herself.

In a rush, she dug through the hospital records within the time the baby could have been born… she couldn’t believe what she discovered.

More Questions

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Instead of finding answers, all her discoveries kept leading Nurse Deena to dead ends and more questions. She couldn’t help but pity the newborn baby, as that little boy definitely deserves all the love in the world.

Promising herself to make it a mission to find all the answers, Nurse Deena went back to the NICU and headed straight to the baby.

Her Vow

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Along with her investigation, Nurse Deena made it her task to take extra care of the little boy. No parents were visiting him compared to the other babies in the room. Over the days she took care of the baby, she grew to care about him so much.

She even gave the little boy his temporary name, as she felt it was too cruel to keep him nameless. After over four days of taking care of him, she started calling the baby Leo.

Keep Going

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Nurse Deena wasn’t aware she was too invested in Leo’s case to the point where she’s even taking on extra shifts just to take extra care for him, and to find out possible clues to solve Leo’s case.

There has to be something here in the hospital that could give her answers! She kept scanning patient records but she kept finding nothing, leading to her frustrations.

A Breakthrough?

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Nurse Deena was ready to give up as nothing in the records gave her substantial information. Whoever did this was too smart for their own good to hide their identity.

And poor Leo, he’s the one going to suffer for their actions! Holding on to her frustrations, Nurse Deena wasn’t aware she was quite close to finding out something.


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Fuelled by the need to help Leo, Nurse Deena went to lengths to access records and files she had never accessed before. Now, she found herself in the camera room, reviewing footage of days before.

She thought it was gonna lead her to a dead end again… then something caught her eye.

The Little Details

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Heart pounding, Nurse Deena replayed the footage, making sure she wasn’t just imagining things! There, at the video, was the answer she’s been looking for weeks now.

While the lady thought she covered her tracks well, the camera caught her dropping Leo on the emergency doors. She immediately copied the footage, knowing that the face the camera caught might be enough to go by.

Years of Experience

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Before working with newborn babies, Nurse Deena has made her rounds with the other departments of the hospital so she’s pretty much too familiar with how things go, and the different patients each department faces.

One helpful experience for her was her time at the ER, where she met different kinds of people. Especially those who knew what goes on in the streets, often finding themselves in brawls and fights.

Doing the Work

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Now that she has a lead, Nurse Deena could think of a lot of people she’s helped before who could point her to the answer she’s been looking for. After a bit of walk, she finally saw Joe, who she knew would more likely know everyone in the neighborhood

She showed the printed photo from the footage, desperately hoping he would recognize the lady…

A Let Down

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If she were honest, Joe not recognizing the girl seemed like a dead end for Nurse Deena. If anyone would recognize anybody, it should be Joe! After Joe’s denial, Nurse Deena was too tempted to stop her search and give up altogether.

After all, it’s taking too much effort! But then, she remembered innocent little Leo unaware in the hospital… so she gave it one last try.

Too Tiring

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Asking around was too tiring, denial after denial was eating away her hope. But just before the sun set… something happened that made her almost jump for joy.

With her desperation, Nurse Deena took a shot asking the man sitting by the sidewalk corner. He seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered, but something told Nurse Deena to push through…

The Unknown Man

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Swallowing her nervousness, Nurse Deena asked the man if he knew the lady in the picture. At first, it seemed that he hadn’t even heard her. The only indication she had was how his eyes briefly scanned the picture she was holding out.

Then, he said something that made her heart leap.

A Progress

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The man took his time to talk. It made Nurse Deena impatient at first, but she was successful. The man told her that the lady might be “Jessica,” the lady who’s always staying by the dumpster two blocks down, as that’s where he normally sees Jessica camp for the night.

She eagerly thanked him and almost ran towards the place the man has been talking about. Getting nearer, Nurse Deena felt herself getting nervous…

Slight Mistake

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Nurse Deena considered the fact “Jessica” might not be where the man told her she was. So when she rounded the corner, she desperately looked around to catch sight of someone who looked like the person in the picture.

Then she finally saw the lady, the one she’d been looking for! Nurse Deena immediately ran to her, and when the lady saw her…

One Mishap

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Nurse Deena should have been more aware that she never got the chance to take her uniform off! So when “Jessica” saw her, she attempted to run away from Nurse Deena. She should have known “Jessica” would have been scared by someone who wears a hospital uniform!

She was thankful she was a bit athletic, making a bit of time to keep in shape. Nurse Deena managed to reach the girl, finally with a chance to confront her!

The Discovery

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Compared to the footage, now that Nurse Deena got to see Jessica up close, she noticed that she was quite young, possibly in her late teens or early 20s. Without wasting time, she asked the girl right off the bat about the little boy all abandoned back in the hospital.

Jessica’s horrified look said it all: Nurse Deena found the right person in the footage. All she had to do was find out what truly happened. But it wasn’t what she was expecting…

The Wrong Person

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“I just found him in this dumpster! Some girl ran away after abandoning him. Obviously, I can’t take care of a baby so I left him where he’s gonna get the care he needs…” Jessica’s eyes were blazing, and she sounded too defensive.

Nurse Deena was in denial. Of course, she wouldn’t just believe Jessica’s words then and there, as there’s a possibility she might be lying.


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Everything came to a halt when the very man who told Nurse Deena Jessica’s whereabouts confirmed that he had never seen the young girl pregnant before… and he sees her almost every day!

Bitter, Nurse Deena couldn’t believe she was back to where she started: no clues on who abandoned Leo.

Picking Back Up

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Disappointed that her investigation led nowhere, Nurse Deena resumed her days in the hospital, spending extra time with baby Leo. All the babies with him were already a new batch, as most had already gone home with their families.

Only baby Leo was left growing within hospital walls, no one to take care of him…


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One day, all of a sudden, Nurse Deena remembered Jessica’s words. If a girl was running away by the dumpster, some street cameras must have caught her during the night she abandoned Leo by the dumpster!

Fueled by this realization, Nurse Deena immediately sought Jessica, asking her to accompany her to the police. Maybe seeking the right help in the first place would have made things faster…

Getting Real

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Now that the police are involved, Nurse Deena just knows she’s finally gonna get the answers she needs for baby Leo. They’re gonna find out who abandoned him by the dumpster!

Reviewing the footage took too long. While Jessica was able to tell the dates and time, the police were finding it quite hard to see things clearly because it happened in night time. Nurse Deena was told to go back home instead…


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After days of waiting, Nurse Deena was getting impatient. Just before she decided to finally go back to the police station again, she got a call that the police had a breakthrough.

Replaying the footage made them see one tiny detail that could lead them to properly identify the woman who abandoned the baby by the dumpster. Nurse Deena was told she could go to the station to see it for herself, in case she could ask around as well…

The Mark

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What they initially thought was a smudge of dirt on the girl was apparently a distinctive tattoo. Something they could use to identify the woman! After generating a clearer image, the police gave Nurse Deena a copy for herself.

She helped look around for the girl…

Finding the Truth

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It was Nurse Deena who found out the girl’s whereabouts, this time, through her friend Joe’s knowledge. According to Joe, the girl with the tattoo named “Haley” has been staying in the only abandoned building in their town.

After telling this to the police, they immediately sent a team to the girl’s possible location…


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Nurse Deena couldn’t believe it, they finally found the girl! At first, Haley denies that she abandoned baby Leo by the dumpster. But after a few minutes of interrogation with the police, the girl finally caved. 

And Nurse Deena was heartbroken after finding out that Haleyl had been orphaned, and thought that the safest way for the baby she gave birth to was to leave him by the dumpster, knowing someone would definitely see him!

Moving On

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Now that Nurse Deena finally found the answers she’d been looking for, it was only when she realized that at the end of the day, no one was still going to take care of baby Leo. He’ll be going to social services like all abandoned babies…

After weeks of bonding with the baby, Nurse Deena made the most life-changing decision she ever made.

Paid Off

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Nurse Deena’s efforts in finding out the truth about baby Leo still paid off. She went to adopt the baby and got approved immediately! She never knew that this was the one thing that’s been missing in her life.

Now that she has baby Leo, Nurse Deena also made sure to help the girls closely tied to her and the baby, offering refuge to Jessica and Haley when they needed it.