Ngannou’s Manager Defends His Fighter – ‘He Can Retire And Be Happy

November 15, 2023
3 months

In the latest boxing news, Francis Ngannou’s manager, Marquel Martin, has defended the criticism that has been directed towards his fighter’s decision to take a boxing fight with Tyson Fury after claims he may have missed out on lucrative opproetunies in the UFC.

Ngannou’s decision to walk away from the UFC following the breakdown in contract talks prevented the MMA fighter from securing a mega fight with Jon Jones.

Despite a reported offer of $8 million on the table, Ngannou turned it down on the basis that it would have prevented the fighter’s freedom moving forward.

Instead, Ngannou made the decision to sign a deal with the PFL which allowed the former UFC heavyweight champion the right to box.

And that had allegedly earned Ngannou the highest payday of his career, thus preventing any criticism that may have emerged about him.

Ngannou’s Manager Reacts

“It’s [payday] up there. I would say up there. Multiples upon multiples upon multiples [more than the UFC]. I saw a statement, and let me make this clear — someone said, I forget who it was, that, ‘Oh, between the fights that he missed out on or whatever, he still fumbled the bag.’ You’re absolutely incorrect. I know what the pay-per-view numbers look like. I know what he would have gotten paid [in the UFC].

“Still, you add up all of that, whatever you want to say, no, Francis did not fumble the bag. He’s gotten, [with] just that one fight, more than everything he could have made [in the UFC] combined. And then the next fight? To answer your question, like I said, he’ll be able to retire. Like, he’s already at a point where he can retire and be happy,” Martin

As a result, mega fights have opened up for Ngannou moving forward. Reports have indicated that a Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua fight are under consideration.

Meanwhile, there is also speculation that Ngannou could headline another fight on December 23rd, 2023, after the Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight for undisputed appears likely to take place next year.

In addition, there is an outside chance that Ngannou could face Jon Jones provided that the UFC and the PFL manage to set aside their grievances and work together. Either way, the future appears bright.

Ngannou’s Next Fight

“Francis controls his own destiny. He gets to do whatever he wants. He has an amazing business partner in Turki and the kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] behind him and supporting him 100 percent. So right now it’s just a function of him being back home with his family, relaxing, getting some much deserved [rest and relaxation], and then I’m sure there will be some announcements coming out soon.

“He’s done it all. He’s earned his right to say, ‘I want to fight this person on this date, and this is how.’ No one controls his destiny, right? So I’m just happy for him, man. Francis is his own boss, like he’s always been, and I’m just incredibly proud to just be a part of the ride, part of his family,” Martin said

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