Ngannou’s Coach Calls Out John Fury To Settle Their Beef

February 22, 2024
2 months
Ngannou Calls Out John Fury To Settle Their Beef

Francis Ngannou’s coach, Dewey Cooper, has called out Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, for a boxing bout.

The Fury and Ngannou camp have a history since they were involved in an entertaining exhibition bout in October last year. Ngannou was making his boxing debut after having conquered the UFC. He is the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world. But left the organisation in 2023 after disagreeing on a new contract.

He signed a deal with the PFL and secured his first boxing fight against Tyson Fury. The Gypsy King was a heavy favourite coming into the fight, given that he is the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World. Ngannou defied the critics and the odds with his performance as he dropped Fury in the third round with a stunning left hook.

He made it to the final bell and continued to press the action. Although he was given a split decision loss, some in the boxing community felt he had done enough to secure the win. Before that fight, John Fury was calling for a boxing fight with Mike Tyson. Mike ruled out the fight, but Ngannou’s coach is open to taking on John Fury.

Ngannou’s Coach

“John Fury wanted to fight Mike Tyson, that’s a big fight and would make a lot of money. I don’t blame him, why not? If he called me out, I’d definitely fight him. I’m a coach now, I’m retired from fighting but I train and I can definitely train more if I’m ignited to do such.

“I haven’t seen him fight because the only fighters I really watch are the legends that I grew up loving and the opponents of my fighters, so I can’t really say. I wouldn’t discount his ability because he’s Tyson Fury’s dad and Tyson is one of the greatest. I’m sure he can fight otherwise he wouldn’t be so confident in himself. I just need enough time to train to fight anybody, but if he wants a boxing fight I’d definitely take it. I would have crouse study him to see what he does well and try nullify that,” Cooper said

Froch vs Fury

Carl Froch is another name who has been linked with fighting John Fury. Fury was unhappy with Froch’s criticism of his son, Tyson Fury, after the former super middleweight champion alleged that he was no longer the same fighter. Froch criticised Tyson Fury’s footwork, saying he had slowed down. He also commented on Tyson’s physique, stating that he had put on a lot of weight between his fights.

“You and me, Wembley Stadium, 93,000 crowd. I’m up for that, my friend. Let’s put it this way, you’ve had plenty to say. I have. I stand by every word I’ve said. You don’t like me. Let’s see what you can do what about it. Hater vs top father, that’s what we’ll call this, but it’s got to make business sense,” Froch stated

And given that Fury is 35 years old, he is not getting any younger, making it much more difficult to sustain his body, especially if he is not looking after himself outside the ring. That resulted in John Fury firing back as he called out Froch for a fight at Wembley. Froch responded by stating that he would only take the bout if it was done for charity. As of now, there is nothing to indicate that this will happen. But since several people have called out John Fury, a narrative is in place to create a fight.

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