Ngannou Feels ‘Bitter’ After The Fury Loss, Fury May Be ‘Psychologically’ Damaged

November 15, 2023
4 months

In the latest boxing news, Francis Ngannou has admitted that he feels ‘bitter’ following his controversial loss to Tyson Fury.

The ex-UFC heavyweight champion was making his boxing debut in a bout where he exceeded all expectations. Ngannou managed to drop Fury in the third round and appeared to land the more telling blows only to not convince the judges on the scorecards.

Despite this being the case, a large proportion of the boxing community were clear that Ngannou should have been given the win. Carl Froch referred to the decision as being corruption at ‘highest level.’

Although the performance is likely to get Ngannou ranked in the WBC’s top ten, the fact of the matter is that the MMA fighter has been disappointed by the result.

Ngannou On His Loss

“I have a slightly bitter taste about it. I could have been given the victory. I wasn’t just going there to show up. ‘Oh, I’m here, look at me. I really went there to win the fight, and maybe some people didn’t see that, but that was my real intention, and I really worked hard for it. I think I deserved that victory, and I should have been celebrating that victory.

“I listened to the scorecards. There are people like [judges] Juan Carlos Pelayo and even Alan [Krebs]; I want to ask what exactly made you score like that? What fight were you scoring? Were you watching another fight on your monitor, or were you watching the actual fight?” said Ngannou. “In the [ring], I didn’t really know, but I went back and watched [a replay]. There’s not a way that a judge could, basically, the one that scored it 96-93 [for Fury]. I’m like, ‘What the hell was that?’ In fact, when I fight again, those two guys, they won’t judge my fight. I don’t care. No, you’re not fair; you’re not fair,” Ngannou said

Froch On Fury

Much in the same way, Froch felt that the performance was likely to have damaged Fury moving forward. The Gypsy King admitted in the aftermath that he had not overlooked his opponent by going through the necessary preparation.

And if that were the case, the performance may suggest that Fury is slowing down somewhat. It is no secret that the boxer does not lead the most disciplined of lifestyles when it comes to his conditioning. And at the age of 35, the boxer may be declining somewhat.

With that being said, Froch predicted that some excuses may be forthcoming as to why Fury was not at his best, which could impact the fighter with the upcoming bout against Oleksandr Usyk.

“Everyone thinks he lost, so psychologically has got to damage him, but he’s probably making the excuse that he didn’t take the fight seriously. There will be a few reasons [given] for why he underperformed. Francis should have had his hand raised. I thought he won. 99.9% people thought he won,” Froch stated 

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