Munguia Vs. Ryder Pre-Fight Predictions

January 26, 2024
3 months
Munguia Vs. Ryder Pre-Fight Predictions

Jaime Munguia takes on John Ryder in their super middleweight clash from the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, this Saturday. 

Munguia has already become a champion at 154 pounds and will be looking to do the same at 168. He has two wins in the weight class, his last being a victory over Sergiy Derevyanchenko. He faces a tough test in Ryder, who went the distance with Canelo Alvarez in Mexico, showing that he will be more than a capable opponent.

A victory for Munguia puts him in contention to face Alvarez in what would be a mega-Mexican clash. Meanwhile, Ryder has the chance to disrupt those plans and show he belongs at this level. Let us take a look at the pre-fight predictions. 

Munguia Vs. Ryder

“There’s a big thing out there that he has poor defense and so forth. He doesn’t have poor defense. We work on those things every day. He’s a complete fighter and that’s why he’s going to win the fight. I think his work ethic is a lot better than most.

“He comes to the gym everyday wanting to work. We work really well together. I push him and he pushes me. We work the mitts together and a lot of combinations. People who say he’s a single puncher and stuff like that are full of sh!t,” Freddie Roach said 

“We’re very confident in Freddie Roach and his corner. He has the experience. He has the knowledge. We’re excited. Jaime better be ready. It’s going to be a tough, tough fight [against Ryder],” De La Hoya stated

Further Predictions

Munguia Vs. Ryder Pre-Fight Predictions
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“It’s a good fight at this stage in both of their careers. Ryder is coming off of the back of good performances, [against] Canelo and Danny Jacobs and stuff. I like Munguia, I know I have boxed him but I like the way that he’s just ‘no f***s given’ really, he doesn’t hold back and throws a thousand punches.

“Is Munguia really a 168lber? It will be interesting to see. We all know that Ryder is solid enough and has got a good enough chin so it will be hard for Munguia to punch him, but Munguia can throw enough punches to get to John. I just think that if John can up his output a little bit more, then he’s got a massive chance,” Liam Smith said 

“If Ryder is able to land some shots and gets a cut or a swollen eye in the fight, it becomes a different situation. Munguia is willing to take a shot to land a couple. I don’t think Ryder is as willing to. I think he’s a little more defensive-minded than Munguia would be in the fight.

“[And] I think if there’s a stoppage, it’s late. I don’t think there’s an upset. I think Munguia has the toughness and the volume of punches to hopefully incorporate some of Freddie’s teachings and throw combinations that Ryder won’t be able to avoid,” Abel Sanchez revealed 

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