McGregor’s Boxing Coach Wants The Mayweather Rematch

November 19, 2023
4 months
McGregor’s Boxing Coach Wants The Mayweather Rematch

Conor McGregor’s boxing coach, Phil Sutcliffe, has looked back at his fighter’s boxing performance against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his exhibition bout. 

In their fight in 2017, the Notorious lost in the tenth round on his boxing debut. The MMA fighter did get praise, though. The Notorious managed to last so long, but in reality, McGregor failed to inflict any serious damage on Mayweather. And looking back, McGregor’s coach had one regret over the coaching setup. McGregor decided to stick with his MMA coaches, John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy. But in doing so, McGregor failed to enlist the help of his boxing coach Phil Sutcliffe. And that decision may have impacted the final outcome of the Mayweather fight. But moving head, Sutcliffe was keen on McGregor having a rematch which would allow him to be in the Irishman’s camp. 

McGregor’s Coach

“I hope he boxes for me, I’ll get another payday. I’d love for him to fight Mayweather again. He’s a little bit older Mayweather and Conor’s a little bit wiser. On the stats from the first fight he hit Mayweather more than any other fighter in history.”I watched the fight six or seven times… all you need is good balance, good footwork and good reading, but with Mayweather it’s a different thing, you’d have to give him a little bit more pressure. And I know things but I’m not going to say them on here, but of course it would be different,” Sutcliffe said 

Outside of a Mayweather rematch, McGregor was linked with a fight against Jake Paul. The latter had previously offered McGregor $50 million in order to make the fight happen. However, the fight did not get made. McGregor would then have his third fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. During that bout, the Irishman suffered a loss and a leg injury which has kept him out of the cage for more than two years. 

Nevertheless, following McGregor’s enrolment into USADA, the MMA fighter has said that he will return in 2024. McGregor had been targeting a return in April 2024 for UFC 300 only for Dana White to rule that out. Instead, McGregor is expected to make a return in the summer against Michael Chandler. And provided that he overcomes that, then a fight with Paul could emerge. After all, the ‘Problem Child’ has expressed his desire for it. 

Paul On McGregor

“Either one, we can fight in the PFL smart cage, whatever it is. I told everybody that I would fight Conor in any form of fight because he, in my opinion, is that shot. I’ll do MMA, I’m not afraid to step in there. I’ve wanted to do that my whole career. I’m a wrestler, I’ve got a wrestling background, so all I’d have to learn is some jiu-jitsu and some kicks, which seems pretty easy to me,” Paul stated 

Provided that Paul and McGregor continue to keep winning, then it is only a matter of time before a fight will happen if there is a demand for it. 

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