McGregor Says He Will Fight Chandler On June 29 At UFC 303

April 13, 2024
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McGregor Says He Will Fight Chandler On June 29 At UFC 303

Conor McGregor has revealed that he will fight Michael Chandler on June 29 at UFC 303.

The Notorious seeks his first UFC fight since losing to Dustin Poirier in UFC 264. The result was accompanied by a broken leg, which has kept the fighter out. He has been linked with the Chandler fight since they were rival coaches of the TUF 31 series.

On New Year’s Day, McGregor announced that he was fighting Chandler on June 29. Dana White initially dismissed that idea, only for McGregor to state that it was ‘all systems go’ for a return. Chandler responded by stating that there was confirmation in place. White recently teased that McGregor would be returning ‘soon.’

McGregor vs Chandler

“We got confirmation a few days ago that it’s all systems go. And ‘The Mac’, ‘The Notorious’ will be returning to the UFC Octagon this summer. I had [my training] camp in Dubai [months ago], I had a camp in Cannes. I was preparing, and then I was kind of getting nothing back. And then other things came up and I kind of dipped out. But now, it’s on. So, there’s no messing now. I cannot dip out now,” McGregor said

“I’ve got the official announcement. It’s happening this summer. I can’t tell you the actual date, but it’s happening this summer, yes. Me vs. Conor. Obviously, this has been a year in the making. We did The Ultimate Fighter, he’s been off obviously doing the Road House movie and all his other aspirations and accolades outside of the cage, so here we are, this summer, I’m ready. The official status is we have an agreement. We are fighting this summer. We’ll let the court of public opinion speculate on what the date is, but it’s definitely this summer. We’re giving you a window that we’re going to be fighting in. But yeah, it’s always been Conor and I,” Chandler said

McGregor’s Return

Now, McGregor has said he will fight on June 29. White has not confirmed it, but Chandler remains positive that it is happening. Chandler has also been inactive for some time. He has not been in the Octagon since his loss to Poirier in 2022. The fighter has been waiting for the McGregor fight, staying inactive for a big payday. The fight is expected to take place at Chandler’s desired weight, as he stated he was in charge of choosing the weight class.

An official announcement could be made at UFC 300 today. Alex Pereira takes on Jamahal Hill in the main event, with Mark Coleman also being on hand to crown the BMF winner with the belt when Justin Gaethje facing Max Holloway. With the UFC fighters also getting record bonuses of $300,000, everything is in place for a mega event. There would be no bigger way to announce McGregor’s return to set up a big PPV card. Given the anticipation of seeing McGregor return, fans can potentially look forward to a mega event this summer.


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