McGregor Donates £25,000 To Help MMA Fighter Ryan Curtis’ Critical Injuries

January 15, 2024
2 months
McGregor Donates £25,000 To Help MMA Fighter Ryan Curtis' Critical Injuries

Conor McGregor has personally donated  £25,000 to help MMA fighter Ryan Curtis recover from severe injuries suffered in a training session. 

According to reports, Curtis suffered a broken back, neck, and dislocated spine in a training session. He will be in hospital for around five months. After his surgery, Curtis will not be allowed to fight again. He has a two-year-old daughter, Kassia, making it a very critical situation. McGregor’s response came after Bellator fighter Leah McCourt began a GoFundMe page for her teammate.

Both are Irish, which may explain why McGregor decided to go the extra mile. The target was £100,000, so McGregor’s donation helped the fighter get there halfway. As of now, over £60,000 dollars have been raised. Several stars connected to the combat sports world have donated, including Mick Conlan, Ariel Helwani, and Paul Rimmer. 

McCourt’s Reaction

“As an athlete and human the unimaginable has happened to our beloved Ryan. He was involved in a life altering incident during a training session on Thursday 11th January. Ryan has suffered a broken back, broken neck and dislocated spine. During this injury, trauma was also caused to Ryan’s spinal cord.The damage is classified as the most severe that can happen to a spinal cord.

“He was rushed to the Royal in Belfast and underwent emergency surgery.“Ryan will never be able to do what he loves, and fight or train in MMA again. A sport he has dedicated his life to from the age of 11. Ryan will be out of work for the foreseeable future and we are trying to take any additional load or stress off Ryan’s family and daughter by creating a page to raise some funds to help towards rehabilitation, vital treatment, recovery and supporting his family,” McCourt

McGregor Donates

McGregor Donates £25,000 To Help MMA Fighter Ryan Curtis' Critical Injuries
Credit MatchroomBoxing

This is not the only cause that McGregor has donated towards recently. The Irishman will provide €50,000 for the Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund. This is a response to the schoolteacher’s murder that occurred two years ago. Murphy was killed while she was going for a run. Over a hundred people walked alongside the Grand Canal in Cappincur to pay their tributes. Her father and Murphy’s boyfriend were some of the names involved in paying their respects. In response, McGregor had this to say.

“2 year anniversary of Ashling Murphy today. Here is a link to her memorial fund that I urge us all to donate to today. The main objective for the Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund is for the further enhancement, development and advancements of The Traditional Irish Arts, Culture and Heritage for young people.

“With your support, this may be done through the provisions of tuition, facilities and equipment where required. In short, the provision of an environment to continue and enhance this culture where Ashling grew up and was very much part of. Support other needs and requests that may arise from time to time within the above overall objective.  I am donating €50k,” McGregor stated

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