Mayweather Backs Romero Post-Loss To Cruz – ‘I’m Incredibly Proud’

April 2, 2024
2 weeks
Mayweather Backs Romero Post-Loss To Cruz - 'I'm Incredibly Proud'

Floyd Mayweather has backed Rolando Romero following his loss to Isaac Cruz.

Before the fight took place, Romero felt very confident. He branded Cruz a ‘Chihuahua,’ mocking his name ‘Pitbull.’ But things did not go his own way on the night of the fight. Cruz dominated the fight, almost stopping Romero in the first round with a left hook. Romero made it out of the round, but it was the same narrative throughout the fight.

Rolly was almost knocked out in round seven after numerous combinations from Cruz. He eventually got stopped in round eight, losing his WBA Junior Welterweight Title. After the fight, it was clear that Romero was confused in his post-fight comments. Things were also not helped when the crowd booed Romero extensively. That was Romero’s second loss after losing to Gervonta Davis. While that may have been the case, Mayweather had some words of encouragement.

Mayweather Reacts

“Rolliesss Hold your head up high! I’m incredibly proud of you for achieving the remarkable feat of becoming a 2-time world champion in less than 18 fights, all without any prior amateur background, and in just 14 years of total fighting experience. In this journey we call life, you’ll win, and you’ll lose; that’s the game. But in life, we all face losses, including myself. So remember, when people try to knock you down, don’t let it keep you there. Get back up, stay true to yourself, and acknowledge just how much you’ve accomplished,” Mayweather said 

Romero’s recent performances, however, show that he is not the same fighter. He was leading against Gervonta Davis but got knocked out in the sixth round. Meanwhile, his win against Ismael Barroso was very controversial. Romero secured a ninth-round stoppage when Barroso was leading on the cards. At the time of the stoppage, Barroso was still throwing punches.

Romero’s Future

But it ultimately allowed Romero to get his world title. And yet, there is a feeling that he may have missed the chance for a big purse. He was in talks to face Ryan Garcia before he signed a deal with Cruz. That fight would have earned Romero a bigger purse. In addition, losing to Garcia would still have left him the Cruz fight. His following comments now may look regrettable.

“Princess Ryan Garcia, Oscar De La Fishnets, and DAZN, the [worst] streaming network out there, for wasting my time and more important wasting the entire boxing world’s time. It’s disgusting to see how you guys do business, then trying to go behind my back offering [Isaac Cruz] an offer, then claiming I [priced myself out]. Now it’s Rolly vs Pitbull on Amazon Prime, the largest network in boxing history. This fight is an explosion,” Romero stated 

Given that Romero was a world champion, he has achieved what most boxers never will. But based on his current stock, it is difficult to see him getting another big fight. Romero faces a fight to rebuild his name. 


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