Masvidal Blasts Diaz Over Their Brawl – ‘He’s Just A Coward’

June 19, 2024
1 month
Masvidal Blasts Diaz Over Their Brawl - 'He’s Just A Coward'

Jorge Masvidal says he has no respect for Nate Diaz after their presser ended in a brawl. 

The two will run things back in a boxing bout on July 6. The contest will take place at light heavyweight (175 pounds) in a ten-rounder. Their previous clash was a UFC 244 fight in 2019. Masvidal won the fight after Diaz was stopped at the end of round three due to a cut over Diaz’s eye. The win made Masvidal the first BMF Champion. 

A boxing fight offers an intriguing match-up. Diaz lost to Jake Paul on his boxing debut last year. Meanwhile, Masvidal won his 2005 clash against Joseph Benjamin. During their presser, Diaz walked away, refusing to do a face-off. But a brawl broke out as a member of Diaz’s team threw a punch at Masvidal. That was simply a step too far. 

Masvidal On Diaz

“I’ve lost all respect for him. He had his gimps attack my coach, who is almost 50 years old, he’s not a pro fighter…you know that’s my coach and you had your two gimps attack him. One is a pro fighter and the other one is a punk..20-year-old. I don’t even have words for it, he’s just a coward who took off, you let your people get mopped up…

“None of my guys went to the hospital, those boys were all…[messed] up. To me, he’s a coward of a general. To lead his people into battle and then to take off running like that, attacking my coach, it was all pre-meditated…it just shows me the level of coward that he is. I used to have respect for him when I didn’t know him that well, but now that I know him pretty well, this guy’s just a…coward, straight-up. He might be tough, can take a hit, has good endurance, but he’s a…coward,” Masvidal said

Masvidal On Sonnen

Masvidal also took aim at Chael Sonnen. Sonnen just had an exhibition with Anderson Silva in their boxing fight. There were no knockdowns allowed, as it ended in a draw. Sonnen felt he had done enough to get a decision, but the bout failed to resonate with the wider audience. It was seen as a sparring match. After the fight, Sonnen called out Masvidal for a boxing fight. Masvial has now responded, saying he would take the fight only if it was a pro bout. 

“I know I’m supposed to sell the fight, say ‘Oh you know, it’s going to be a great fight’, but Chael is..trash man. This…is when you leave the trash can open and water gets into there, and it’s like liquid trash water… That’s what Chael is bro. He’s just trash. But, I wouldn’t mind driving my knuckles through his face for a nice paycheck and breaking his eye orbital.

“I would just be doing everybody a…favor… He knows I’m not coming for an exhibition match. If there’s one thing he knows, it’s that I’m going to break his…face. So if after I knock out Nate and I have downtime…I wouldn’t mind busting up Chael… He looks like a full-blown lesbian right now… But if this dude wants it, I’ll get him before he fully transitions,” Masvidal added


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