Masvidal Blasts Covington For ‘Blaming’ Donald Trump Over His UFC 296 Loss – ‘You’re Blaming The F—ing Greatest President’

February 22, 2024
2 months
Masvidal Blasts Covington For 'Blaming' Donald Trump Over His UFC 296 Loss - 'You’re Blaming The F—ing Greatest President'

Jorge Masvidal has criticized Colby Covington over making numerous excuses for his loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 296 in December.

Edwards beat Covington via a unanimous decision to retain his UFC Welterweight Title. That was Covington’s third world title loss, as he failed to back up his pre-fight trash talk. The challenger mentioned Edwards’ late father, who was murdered, and the champion responded by throwing a water bottle. 

After the loss, Covington blamed inactivity, having not fought since beating Masvidal in March 2022 at UFC 272. That then changed after he shared an X-ray of his broken foot. Covington claimed happened after Edwards blocked his kick with his elbow. 

Covington claimed he did not tell his corner for fear the information would be shown on TV and make its way to Edwards’ team. He also alleged the judging was not in his favor because he supported former US President Donald Trump. Now, Masvidal has called out the fighter’s changing narrative. 

Masvidal Reacts

“He doesn’t know anything about politics. He literally just attaches his name to Trump, hoping that Trump will one day tweet his name or maybe show up to a fight. But, the guy literally knows nothing about politics, knows nothing about immigration laws, knows nothing about 401ks, about foreign policies, domestic policies. He knows nothing.

“All this guy f—ing does is throw his money away gambling on poker and paying for prostitutes to be in his f—ing videos. So, for him to go out there and involve Trump’s name so much and say, ‘The judges don’t like me because I roll with Trump and they robbed me because of Trump!’ You’re a f—ing piece of s—.

“Now you’re blaming the f—ing greatest president this country has ever seen for your f—ing s—ty ass loss. You didn’t do a damn thing, and everybody says, even your mom says you’re a f—ing bum. You’re going to blame that on Trump? Because you’re such a f—ing bum? you’re a piece of s— It just shows who he is, and of course now he has a ‘broken foot. Guy’s a f—ing cheating, lying, piece of s—, cop-calling motherf—er. And I can’t wait to see his ass,” Masvidal stated 

Hill’s Return

Much like Covington’s injury, Jamah Hill has responded to the mixed reaction towards his headline fight with Alex Pereria at UFC 300. 

The contest will pit Hill against the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Pereira fought for the vacant belt, which Hill relinquished, beating Jiri Prochazka. The headline event was met with some skepticism since Hill is returning from a long lay-off with his Achilles injury. 

The injury prevented Hill from defending his UFC Light Heavyweight Title against Jiri Prochazka, a belt he acquired after beating Glover Teixeira at UFC 283. Since Hill has been inactive for over a year, there are questions over whether the former champion can rediscover his form. 

“The reaction to this has been kind of a mix of things here and there. It’s been a lot of outrage, a lot of disappointment and things like that. To be honest, it’s crazy to me because, for the most part, a lot of these people are the same people that spent the better part of a year or however long calling me a crybaby,” Hill said

The reaction may have arisen, given the names linked before the announcement. Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya were some of the names mentioned, who arguably have a bigger profile than Hill. Since McGregor has been out of action, much like Hill, the Notorious may feel hard done by. Hill, however, felt any announcement would have received criticism. 

“I seen one comment it said, ‘I was expecting Conor vs. Jesus himself. At this point, I’m convinced that wouldn’t have been enough,” Hill added

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