Malignaggi: Canelo No Longer Has The Hunger

April 13, 2024
1 month
Malignaggi: Canelo No Longer Has The Hunger

Paulie Malignaggi no longer sees Canelo Alvarez as being hungry enough to fight the best.

The comments were made about Canelo’s failure to face David Benavidez. The ducking allegations started when Alvarez claimed he would never fight Mexicans since he ‘represents Mexico’. That all changed when Canelo agreed to box Jaime Munguia on May 4 in defense of his Undisputed Super Middleweight Belt. Alvarez justified his decision because Benavidez’s team was being disrespectful.

He then stated he was open to the fighting for $150-200 million. Those comments were merely seen as a way for Canelo to price himself out. Benavidez responded by stating he would be willing to have a rehydration clause after suggestions that he was too big for Canelo. Alvarez once again dismissed the fight, stating he would box whoever he wanted.

“And then what? You’re going to talk about that clause. When I beat him, they’re going to say that I put that clause. I want nothing to do with that fight. Yeah, it’s a lose-lose situation because after the fight, they [Team Benavidez] are going to talk about, ‘Because of this.’ I fight with any fighter and I win my good money. I can do whatever I want at this time because I deserve it. I did everything in my career, and I deserve to be in this position. I’m going to do whatever I want,” Canelo stated 

Malignaggi On Canelo

Now, Malignaggi felt the Mexican had no desire to fight the best. 

“I see a fighter that is satisfied with his career, and satisfied with the money he’s made and the success that he’s had. I see a fighter that is not as hungry as he was before and not showing the ferocity that he was showing at one time in his career. You can see some of those things dissipating and the desire to go for it. But he’s still a savvy veteran. He knows how to get through fights and win them at a high level. A guy like Munguia, who is active, hungry, and defensively flawed, can make this a fun fight because he brings activity to the ring. He throws combinations in bunches,” Malignaggi said 

Despite this being the case, Canelo’s comments may say otherwise. The Mexican is keen to rematch Dmitry Bivol. Alvarez was dominated in a one-sided loss, as Bivol won a unanimous decision. There were talks over a rematch, but it never happened because of the differences over the weight class.

Alvarez wanted the rematch at lightweight to rule out any excuses. However, Bivol wanted to run things back at 168 since it gave him the chance to become undisputed at 168. Talks broke down, but Canelo is open to that fight. Bivol faces Artur Beterbiev on June 1 for the Undisputed Lightweight Title. Facing Bivol could give Canelo a shot at undisputed if Bivol wins.


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