Logan Paul’s Fiancée Sues Dillon Danis – Wants A Restraining Order

November 15, 2023
5 months

Nina Agdal, who happens to the Logan Paul’s fiancée, has sought a restraining order against Dillon Danis and sued him.

Paul and Danis will face off in a boxing match on the KSI vs. Tommy Fury card. Both fighters have been engaged in verbal shots on social media.

Dillon has been targeting Agdal in order to get under Logan’s skin. This has included posts about Agdal’s prior relationships in an attempt to highlight her big body count. 

The lawsuit alleges, as per TMZ, that Danis had shared “despicable” things about Agdal over 250 times which caused her “humiliation, emotional distress and reputational harm.”

As a result, Agdal has demanded damages of more than $150,000 for each violation of a federal law. This is in addition to a restraining order preventing Danis from posting more images. In response, this is what Dillon had to say. 

Danis Responds

“Nina Adgal has filed a massive lawsuit against me/ She filed a restraining order against me and is seeking prison time, so the fight is in jeopardy if I’m in jail. This is actually wild but I won’t stop, f*** the system come get me. Logan Paul is a dead man walking.

“I will provide more details when I can, but because it’s a federal case, I can’t at this time. I will provide more details when I can, but because it’s a federal case, I can’t at this time. P.S. fuck that hoe. Nina Agdal will be called Karen Agdal till further notice,” Danis said 

Implications Of Danis’ Actions

Danis’ actions have had an impact on Logan. In a sport where the finest of margins can decide who will come out on top, will Logan be able to handle the pressure coming his way?

Meanwhile, can Dillon back up the fight talk that he has been putting out? After all, a defeat would look catastrophic for either fighter in light of everything that has been said. And there is no getting away from that moving forward.

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