Kanye’s Wildest Moments: 27 Times Ye Left Us Shookt!

February 29, 2024
5 months

Ah, Kanye West, the maestro of the mic and the man in the middle of oh-so-many controversies. From his rap feuds to dropping bombshell comments on Kim K, our boy Ye never misses a beat to keep us on our toes. But hey, that’s just part of his charm, isn’t it?

Now, I understand some of you might say some of his actions come from his openly shared struggle with mental health. Sure, it’s sparked more than its share of chit-chat, and yeah, even some harsh critique. Doesn’t stop us from grooving to “Gold Digger” or admiring that Yeezy fashion line, does it?

So, buckle up, because we’re about to spill all the deets on Kanye’s most face-palming, popcorn-worthy moments. Believe me; this is the tea you didn’t know you needed.

1. The VMA Drama That Shook Us

Remember when Kanye turned the music world on its head with his impromptu stage crash at the 2009 VMAs? A moment that was supposed to be a crowning achievement for the 19-year-old country singer—winning Best Female Video over pop heavyweights like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson—turned into one of the most talked-about incidents of the night, if not the decade. I mean, who could forget?

Taylor Swift, all smiles, clutching her Best Female Video Award at the VMAs, about to give her thank you speech. Then, out of nowhere, Kanye West jumps on stage, grabs the mic, and drops the bomb, “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” Can you even imagine? The crowd went silent. Swift’s face? A total picture of shock. And Beyoncé? Just as stunned.

This wasn’t just a small oopsie. Nope, it exploded. Everyone had something to say, including Obama, who without mincing words called Kanye a “jack***.” Talk about adding fuel to the fire!

History of Awards Show Tirades

This was not West’s first public display of dissatisfaction with awards show outcomes. His history of such incidents traces back to 2004 at the American Music Awards and was followed by another notable episode in 2006 at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Each instance showcased West’s refusal to silently accept defeat, often bringing his grievances to the forefront in a controversial fashion.

2. “Famous” Feud Reloaded

Fast forward to 2016, and Kanye’s stirring the pot again with his track “Famous,” reigniting his beef with Swift over some… let’s say, interesting lyrics. The he-said-she-said drama went on steroids when the gossip gods smiled upon us and leaked the call between them. Spoiler alert: Swift wasn’t given the full heads-up. The internet went wild, folks.

Controversial Lines, Conflicting Stories

In his signature provocative style, Kanye dropped lines in “Famous” that alluded to possibly reigniting a romantic spark with Swift, alongside taking a swipe with “I made that b*tch famous.” The backlash was immediate and severe, with Swift fans and critics alike criticizing West for the misogynistic undertone.

The plot thickened when a recording of a phone conversation between Kanye and Taylor surfaced. In it, Taylor seemed to give her blessing for the track — or did she? The recording didn’t actually feature the controversial barb that set the world on fire. It turned out Swift had only been asked about a different, far less inflammatory line.

This revelation sent the online world into a tizzy, sparking debates about authenticity, consent, and artistry. Each fandom dug in, with Team Kanye claiming it was all a misunderstanding, and Team Swift insisting it was a betrayal. The discourse was so intense it could fuel a thousand think-pieces.

3. Who’s Ye? Kanye Ditches Old Name for a Fresh Start!

In October 2021, Kanye West made a significant personal decision, one that further blurred the line between his musical and everyday life. According to a petition approved by the Los Angeles Superior Court, Kanye is now officially ‘Ye’- simply Ye.

Ye’s commitment to this single-syllable moniker, however, is made quite clear by his effort in making it a legal change. From the album “Ye” released in 2018 to his Twitter handle now bearing ‘Ye’, the persona of Kanye West has come to denote ‘the being formally known as Kanye West’ in his own words.

From Yeezus to Ye: A Branding Miracle or Identity Crisis?

What’s in a name? A whole lot of vibes, apparently! Our favorite hitmaker went from Kanye to Yeezus, and then he hit us with a plot twist – he stripped down to Ye. It’s the evolution of Yeezy, y’all! Some say it’s a branding move sharper than Kim K’s contour, while others whisper about an identity crisis.

Alright, so Ye isn’t just a cool-sounding name that made us all rethink our own nicknames. Our man Kanye—oops, I mean Ye—says it’s got depth, it’s got biblical ties, it’s “you” with a twist! And let me just say, we are here for this spiritual awakening, or name-awakening, or whatever you want to call it!

4. Kanye Jokes About Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Oh, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye… what do we do with you? 🙈 Just when we think we’ve seen it all, boom! Mr. West decides to drop a bombshell that leaves us gasping for air – and not the good kind.

In September 2022, Kanye West found himself embroiled in yet another controversy famed for both his groundbreaking music and a series of provocative statements. This time, the spotlight was on a seemingly jocular comment about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. He hit up his Insta story all casual-like and goes, “London I know how you feel. I lost my queen too.” Yep, comparing his split from Kimmy K to England losing an actual queen.

You can bet it took like, two seconds before the internet lost it. Fans and keyboard warriors alike got their meme game on and the tweets were flying fast. Some were laughing, some were side-eyeing hard, and some probably just facepalmed. Classic Kanye, turning the Twitter tide from RIP to WTF?

When Ye Tweets, We Listen

Let’s be real, Kanye and social media have the ultimate love-hate relationship. He uses his Instagram and X handle like it’s his personal megaphone, shouting out everything from deep thoughts to “Imma let you finish” throwbacks. His tribute(?) to the Queen just adds another ‘Ye-ism’ to a timeline that’s already more colorful than a unicorn in a paint store.

Seriously though, every time we think Kanye’s gonna chill, he’s out here playing bingo with controversy. This joke about Queen E might have been a little ‘Ye overboard, but come on, this is the guy who turns every side-eye into a headline.

5. Kanye’s ‘Eazy’ Lyrics: Stirring the Pot or Just Being Yeezy?

Kanye West, ever the master of controversy, provided plenty of material for headlines with his “Eazy” lyrics in January 2022. The diss track “Eazy” not only caught the attention of fans and critics alike but also added fuel to the fire of the already public and fractious split between Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

Diss Tracks and Domestic Disputes

Kanye, in true Kanye fashion, didn’t hold back one bit. He threw shade faster than we could say, “Kimye is over,” aiming directly at Kim Kardashian’s then-beau, Pete Davidson, with a line that had everyone’s jaw on the floor: “God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**.” Yikes! Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public, but then again, does Ye do anything low-key?

Then there’s the whole ‘Dad of the Year’ vibe with his lyrics throwing both shade and sunshine on the nannies of his four kiddos. Kanye’s like, “I got love for the nannies, but real family is better,” sparking a whole Twitter debate on parenting styles. Whether you’re Team Nanny or not, you’ve got to admit… only Kanye can make us talk about parenting amidst a diss track!

The Fallout: Spicy or Sour?

Post-“Eazy,” it wasn’t just the lyrics causing a stir; Kanye’s social media was like reality TV you couldn’t peel your eyes from. From debating Kim’s parenting decisions online to where the kids should go to school, it’s been a rollercoaster. It’s like Ye’s giving us front-row seats to the drama, and we’re not sure if we should thank him or ask him to pass the popcorn.

So, what’s the verdict? Is Kanye’s “Eazy” a masterclass in airing grievances, or is it a bit too much tea for one track? Either way, we’re here for it, watching through our fingers as Kanye does what he does best – being unapologetically Ye.

6. Oops, He Did It Again: Kanye Brings Up THAT Kim Tape

One of the more head-turning moments in Kanye West’s carousel of controversies came in January 2022, centered around his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s past. You guessed it, we’re talking about the notorious Kim K tapes, not one but two.

OMG, There’s Another One?

Yep, you’ve heard it right! Our boy, Kanye, claims that there’s more to Kim’s past with her ex-BF Ray J than we thought. In a move that left us all gasping, Kanye alleged that there was a second Kim-Ray J tape. But shocker! Our hero Kanye apparently saved the day by retrieving the said tape from Ray-J’s laptop, effectively preventing it from hitting the public eye. Pass the tissues, please; the memory moved Kim to tears according to Kanye.

Wait, What Did Kim Say?

Well, obviously, this bombshell caused quite a stir amongst the Kardashian crew and Kim’s fans. Predictably, Kim’s reps snapped back, denying any existence of a sequel to the infamous tape that our darling reality star so dearly wishes to leave behind. Hmm, as they say, there are always two sides to every story, right?

7. Scandal Alert! Kanye & Jeffree Star: The Rumor Mill Goes Brrrr

Amidst news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s impending divorce came a curveball that no one saw coming. The grapevine buzzed with whispers that not only was the iconic couple heading towards splitsville, but the cause was an alleged affair between Kanye and YouTuber Jeffree Star. This rumor seemed to sprout legs and sprint across social media platforms at record speed, bolstered by Star’s previous interactions with Kanye that alluded to a connection between the two.

The Fuel to the Fire: A Deleted Tweet

Adding intrigue to the already mysterious rumors was a deleted tweet by Jeffree Star from 2011 that further fanned the flames of speculation. The tweet, a casual mention of a fun night with Kanye, served as a breadcrumb that led many to believe in the possibility of a secret rendezvous. However, the nature of the internet’s sleuthing meant that every online interaction was scrutinized, leading to more questions than answers.

Kanye and jeffree star

The Denouement: Star Speaks Out

In a twist that many gossip enthusiasts saw coming, Jeffree Star firmly denied the allegations, humorously commenting on the absurdity of the situation. Through a statement that clarified his relationship status as single and unattached to Kanye, Star put to rest the frenzied speculation. He emphasized his amusement at the rumors while categorically denying any romantic involvement with Kanye West. Despite Star’s denial, the rumor mill had already worked its magic, leaving an indelible mark on the saga of Kanye’s most bewildering moments.

8. Drama Alert: Kanye vs. Kid Cudi – A BFF Bust-up?

One can’t chat about Kanye’s wildest moments without dishing on the piping hot beef between him and his previous partner-in-rhyme Kid Cudi. The drama began to simmer when Kanye and Kid’s beef became public. Ready to know why? Well, ladies and gents, it was no other than Pete Davidson! You know, the one who previously dated Kanye’s ex-wife at the time, Kim K? Oh boy, Kid Cudi, you sure were sitting in the splash zone!

The Initial Fallout

The tension between Kanye West and Kid Cudi erupted into the public eye in February 2022, shocking fans of both artists. The core of their disagreement? Kid Cudi’s apparent friendship with Pete Davidson. Kanye expressed his disappointment and feelings of betrayal through a since-deleted Instagram post, stating that Cudi “will not be on Donda because he’s friends with you know who…”, making it explicitly clear that their relationship had soured.

Escalation on Social Media

West wasn’t finished. In a strange game of artistic tic-tac-toe, he posted yet another picture of a smiling Kid Cudi and Davidson with Pete’s face crossed out. The caption, “I JUST WANTED MY FRIEND TO HAVE MY BACK THE KNIFE JUST GOES IN DEEPER,” underscored the depth of Kanye’s sense of betrayal.

This public display of discord between Kanye and Kid Cudi caught the eye of their fanbases and the wider public, sparking a flurry of reactions across social media platforms. Fans were divided, with some supporting Kanye’s perspective, while others criticized him for airing personal grievances so publicly.

9. Kanye Snatches Photographer’s Phone

Kanye West’s interaction with a photographer escalated quickly when the paparazzo broached his relationship with Bianca Censori. The confrontation became physical as West snatched the photographer’s phone from her hand, leading to an immediate shutdown of the recording.

So, the reason why our boy Kanye went all zero to a hundred? He was not having it with questions about controlling his wife’s, ahem, expressive liberties. Kanye’s reaction was intense, not only seizing the phone but also verbally lashing out at the photographer. In his vehement response, West asserted his legendary status and defended his presence at Charlie Wilson’s Walk of Fame ceremony, criticizing the irrelevance of the question posed to him.

Is Ye the Social Media Gatekeeper

There’s this buzz that Kanye’s been keeping Bianca on a tight digital leash, kinda making her a ghost on social media. The whispers in the wind suggest that Ye’s taken “What’s mine is mine” to a whole new level by shielding his wife from the wild, wild web. Is it for love, or is Kanye starting a new trend in celeb relationships? Only time will tell!

West’s outburst did not end with the snatching of the phone. He continued to confront the photographer with provocative questions. At one point suggesting she quit her job, while offering to double her salary. The extended altercation further added to the growing list of controversial moments involving the rap artist.

10. Yeezus Speaks: Kanye’s Divine Comparison Raises Eyebrows

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, but perhaps one of his most audacious moves to date was when he likened himself to none other than Jesus Christ. This act of divine comparison certainly raised many eyebrows.

Yeezus Rises

Setting the stage is critical. Kanye West shocked audiences worldwide when he released his 2013 album, “Yeezus,” a title that was an amalgamation of his name, Kanye, and Jesus. Listen to it, and you will understand just how Kanye sees himself- a creative genius akin to Jesus.

‘Jesus Is King:’ Kanye’s Spiritual Transformation

In his controversial yet popular album, “Jesus Is King,” Kanye West presented a radically transformed version of himself to the world. From his lyrics, it was clear that the self-proclaimed secular music superstar was now devoted to promoting the gospel message.

One With The Divine: Controversy and Criticism

Kanye’s comparison to Jesus sparked a wave of criticism, with many pointing out the apparent blasphemy. The question remains whether he is sincere and sees himself as a messenger of God, or if it’s all a publicity stunt for promoting his album.

11. Kanye Offends a Guy in a Wheelchair

During a concert in Sydney in 2024, Kanye West created a controversial moment that quickly spiraled into one of his wildest. The rapper paused his performance, insisting that every audience member stand up to enjoy the show. This demand led to an uncomfortable pause as West waited for compliance, only to discover that two of the audience members could not stand due to being handicapped.

The Social Media Backlash

Following the incident, the online community wasted no time in expressing their outrage and disappointment in West’s actions. Critics accused him of insensitivity and lack of awareness towards the disabled attendees, sparking a debate about celebrity behavior and expectations during public events. The incident quickly escalated beyond mere social media chatter, compelling West and his team to address the growing controversy.

Kanye Hits Back

So, after getting virtually tar and feathered online, Kanye and his former wife, Kim, came out swinging. At his next gig in Brisbane, Kanye went full Shakespearean monologue, defending his honor against the vicious media monsters. He was all, “Guys, I’m all about love and family values, OK?” Kim K even took to Insta to play defense, saying something along the lines of “Y’all got it twisted; he just wanted people who could stand to stand!”

Despite Kanye and Kim’s tag-team rebuttal, the whole wheelchair debacle remains a famous “Bruh, what were you thinking?” moment for Kanye. It’s a wild reminder that live shows can go from 0 to 100 real quick, sparking debates on everything from celebrity behavior to the importance of being kind and considerate.

12. From Beats to Ballots: Kanye Ran For President

In a fashion true to form, Kanye West took to Twitter on July 4, 2020—America’s Independence Day—to declare his intention to run for President in the 2020 election. This announcement came with the hashtag #2020VISION, signifying not only the year of the election but also his vision for the future of America. This move stirred a mixture of support, disbelief, and outright confusion across the global audience and political commentators.

Ballot Battles and Signature Sagas

Kanye’s name danced across ballots in a handful of states, turning the election into a mixtape nobody saw coming. Despite missing deadlines and a whirlwind of “are those signatures legit?” dramas, he made it. Kind of like showing up to the party fashionably late and still expecting to be the life of it.

The Results Are In… Kinda

So, did President West take the Oval Office by storm? Well, not exactly. With about 60,000 votes under his belt, let’s just say his fanbase might stick to streaming his music rather than seeing him in politics. But hey, he hinted he might run again, so maybe he’s just getting warmed up? Kanye 2024 stickers, anyone?

13. Rewriting History? Kanye’s Take on Harriet Tubman Sparks Controversy

During his first political rally in Charleston, South Carolina, Kanye West’s erratic behavior was on full display. Dressed in a military-style vest with “2020” shaved into the back of his head, West tackled a variety of topics, from personal anecdotes to political ambitions, even breaking down in tears at one point. However, it was his remarks about Harriet Tubman that sparked the most controversy.

Our boy Kanye decided to drop a history rewrite bomb on us: Harriet Tubman, the iconic conductor of the Underground Railroad, didn’t really free the slaves. She was apparently just hooking them up with different employers. 🤨 Say what now, Kanye? Audiences were all ears and, uh, not exactly nodding in agreement.

The Squad Hits Back

Oh, and the Twitterverse? It practically imploded. Icons like 50 Cent and Q Tip couldn’t type fast enough, hitting up their feeds to drop some “Uh, no” bombs on Kanye’s historical remix. Even the usually chill Noname was like, “Excuse me, what did you just say?!” Everyone from musicians to that guy you went to high school with had something to say. The consensus? Keep Harriet’s name out of this, Kanye.

The Fallout Fiesta

The aftermath was like the morning after a really wild party — messy, with a side of “What just happened?”. Tweets flew left and right, some folks shook their heads in disbelief, while others were genuinely concerned about Kanye’s wellbeing. It wasn’t just a debate over history; it became a nationwide convo about mental health and the pressures of fame.

14. Kanye Talks Abortion, Breaks Down

At the same presidential rally, Kanye went from 0 to 100 real quick, serving us a full platter of emotions, personal revelations, and, yes, a breakdown that had everyone talking.

Crying Over Abortion

In a moment that was more raw than sushi, Kanye opened up about his personal experiences with abortion. He shared his emotional backstory about how his father wanted to abort him and confessed that he and Kimmy K. considered the same with their first-born, North. This moment was so intense, it could have been a season finale on Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

Wearing Anti-Abortion on His Sleeve

Darlings, Kanye let his anti-abortion colors shine during his heartfelt speech when he confessed that he and Kim spent three whole months discussing whether little North would be a part of their high-profile clan or not. His comments were boldly uncompromised. Despite admitting the potential fallout from his words could potentially win him a night on the couch!

Cash for Kids Proposition

Always ready to make a splash, Kanye proposed a stunning ‘Plan A’ – A whopping $50k a year financial aid package for bussing babies. Later, he went for gold by suggesting that every new baby should come with a million-dollar price tag. Payday, anyone?

15. Controversial Cameos: Kanye’s Questionable Invite List

Kanye West’s listening party for ‘DONDA’ wasn’t just a sonic feast – it was a veritable who’s who of “Wait, they’re still here?” The star-studded night had everything: drama, unexpected twists, and, of course, some serious side-eye situations. Let’s sneak our way past the velvet ropes and check out some of Kanye’s most interesting plus-ones, shall we?

“Jail” Break: Swapping Jay-Z for DaBaby

In the midst of intense scrutiny for making derogatory remarks at Rolling Loud Miami, rapper DaBaby was brought out by Kanye, replacing Jay-Z’s verse on the song “Jail”. This action alone sufficed to stir the pot, considering DaBaby’s recent backlash over his comments about HIV/AIDS and homophobic statements. Hmm, Kanye love, were we craving a slice of controversy pie, or was this just a remix rebrand? Sneaky Kanye, very sneaky.

image 2 30

The Marilyn Manson Head-Scratcher

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Marilyn Manson pops out on the porch of Kanye’s childhood home replica—yeah, ’cause that’s where I hang with my controversial rock stars too. No MIC for Manson though. So why was he there? To discuss DIY porch decor tips, or to be a human headline? Either way, it was a “blink and you’ll miss it, but still scratch your head” moment.

The Visuals: Fire, Fashion, and Faux Weddings

As if the controversial cameos weren’t enough to keep us talking for days, Kanye set himself on fire (literally) and had a mock wedding with Kim Kardashian West, because why not? Kanye’s flair for drama knows no bounds, proving he’s the king of “Wait, did that just happen?” moments.

16. Defending the Indefensible? Kanye’s Cosby Claims Cause Stirs

In February 2016, Kanye West stirred a significant social media backlash when he tweeted, “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!”. The controversial tweet was perceived by many as West supporting Bill Cosby, who was embroiled in a serious sexual assault scandal at that time.

Twitter Goes Wild

The tweet spread like wildfire, with fans and foes alike dishing out their two cents. Some were like, “Kanye, baby, what is you doin’?” while others just sat back and watched the drama unfold, ’cause let’s face it, Kanye being Kanye is always a spectacle. But this wasn’t just any ol’ Kanye moment; it was a full-on “defend Bill Cosby” kinda deal, and people were divided.

A Little Background Music, Please

Now, just to spice things up a notch, before Kanye dropped that tweet bomb, he seemed to be riffing a different tune. In his song ‘Facts’ released just a month earlier, he kinda, sorta made a swipe at Cosby with the line, “Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget names just like Steve Harvey?” Talk about mixed signals, right?

The Fallout Frenzy

By the time Kanye decided to tweet his support, Cosby was deep in the scandal soup, charged with all sorts of no-no’s that had celebs and colleges alike running for the hills. Yet, here was Kanye, throwing in his two cents, and nobody was quite sure if he was serious or just stirring the pot for giggles.

17. Kanye Wears White Lives Matter Shirt

So, there we were, sipping our lattes and scrolling through the ‘Gram when bam! Kanye West decides to drop a fashion bomb at Paris Fashion Week October 2022. Kanye struts out in a “White Lives Matter” tee, turning heads, raising brows, and — let’s be honest — sparking some serious side-eye sessions. And guess who he had twinning in the controversial tee? None other than right-wing chatterbox Candace Owens. Talk about an unexpected plus-one!

Where Fashion Meets Unfiltered Ye

Before the fashion spectacle even kicked off, Kanye delivered a monologue that had more twists and turns than a daytime soap opera. From throwing shade at his former manager Scooter Braun to touching on deeply personal topics like Kim K’s Parisian robbery scare, Ye made sure everyone remembered who’s the boss of unpredictability. He basically stood there, saying, “You think you can manage this? Think again.”

Repeat Offender? Kanye’s History with Fashion Faux Pas

And let’s not even get started on Kanye’s history of fashion mayhem. Remember the Yeezy show where models were practically baking in the sun? Or when his collabs with Gap and Adidas turned sour faster than milk left out on a hot day? Kanye’s relationship with the fashion world is more on-again, off-again than a high school romance.

18. Kanye attacked Vogue journalist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

So, Kanye decided to stir the pot at his Yeezy Season 9 show by donning a “White Lives Matter” shirt. Yes, you heard that right. In fashion’s most “What the heck?” moment, Yeezy had everyone’s jaws on the floor, for all the wrong reasons. And the back of the shirt? A picture of Pope John Paul II, because why not throw in some religious iconography for that extra chef’s kiss of controversy?

The Insta-Spat

Enter Gabriella, our voice of reason, who was not having any of it. Taking to Instagram, our fearless fashion editor voiced what many were thinking, calling the stunt “incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.” But Kanye, not one to let a critique slide by, clapped back in classic Ye fashion by taking a dig at Gabriella’s style. Petty much?

Squad Goals

Just when you think it’s all going down in the DMs, the fashion world’s Avengers assembled, with supermodel Gigi Hadid leading the charge defending Gabriella. Proof that if you mess with one icon, you get the whole squad.

The Heart-to-Heart

But plot twist! Kanye and Gabriella decided to hash it out face-to-face in what I imagine was the most awkward coffee meeting ever. “Sorry, not sorry” apologies were exchanged, and Kanye did a 180, praising Gabriella in a post-meeting Insta-post. Because nothing says reconciliation like a filtered photo and a heartfelt caption.

Vogue Strikes Back

Vogue wasn’t about to let their girl hang out to dry, though. The mag put out a statement faster than you can say “subscription renewal,” backing Gabriella to the hilt and calling out bullying for what it is. In the world of fashion, it seems, the pen (or the glossy editorial) might just be mightier than the spat.

19. Kanye’s Controversial Outfit Choice at ‘Vultures’ Listening Party

Following an Art Basel Miami Beach event, Kanye left audiences bewildered at the early morning listening party at Wynwood Marketplace on December 12, 2023. In what can only be described as one of Kanye’s most shocking fashion statements, he appeared on stage donning a black hood closely resembling garb associated with the Ku Klux Klan. This bold move unfolded during the debut of his and Ty Dolla $ign’s upcoming collaboration project named ‘Vultures’.

Papa West and Baby North Stir Up the Mic

Now, if Kanye’s outfit wasn’t enough sizzle for your morning bacon, he churns out his latest tunes with none other than his adorbs mini-me, North West. These two were side by side, and he’s droppin’ lines that had everyone’s ears perkin’ up.

During his performance, his lyrics made a direct reference to previous antisemitic remarks, which included the line, “I ain’t antisemitic / I just f—ed a Jewish b—-.” We’re talkin’ some eyebrow-raisin’ mentions of those not-so-old antisemitic tweets. Give it a rest, Ye!

Not the Hood We Asked For, Ye

Get this—Kanye’s fashion sense has always been… let’s say, ‘unique’, but this little number has peeps all over Twitter typing up a storm. The tea is piping hot because Kanye, a mega icon in the Black community, is out here wearing something that’s got more grim history than my ex’s dating record! It’s a look, just not the one anyone expected, especially not with sweet North by his side.

Ye’s ‘Vultures’ Circles Back After the Drama

So, who’s handling ‘Vultures’ now? After Ye’s been spitting fire in all the wrong ways, Universal Music Group and Def Jam were like, “Boy, bye!” And here he is, Kanye being all defiant at his epic comeback bash—because what’s a king without his controversy?

20. Tweet Trouble: Kanye’s Anti-Semitic Messages Spark Major Backlash

Kanye has really stirred up the celeb scene with some mega-controversial remarks. Ye’s conversations and tweets (seriously, can someone take away his phone already?) have been more about conspiracy theories and less about his new Yeezy collection, and it’s ticked off a LOT of peeps.

Insta-Drama and Tweet-Trouble

I mean, with a social media following bigger than the population of some small countries, it’s no surprise Ye’s posts get noticed. But threatening violence against an entire community, specifically the Jewish folks? Uh-uh, honey, that’s a no-go! It got so wild that Instagram and Twitter had to step in and give his accounts a time-out. Talk about a celeb social media smackdown!

Podcast Pals and Questionable BFFs

Ye’s not just about the ‘Gram and Twitter! He’s been popping up on podcasts and events, getting chatty alongside folks known for their not-so-loving thoughts about our Jewish buddies. His celeb seal of approval isn’t helping to cool off the hot mess he’s created—he’s just adding more fuel to the fire!

Ye’s appearances take the drama up a notch when he thought it would be cute to tell folks to “stop dissing the Nazis” and then, hold your drinks, praised Adolf Hitler on ‘InfoWars.’ This ain’t no Hollywood blockbuster, Ye, these statements are breathing new life into harmful myths!

The stuff coming out of Kanye’s mouth has covered everything from playing up greedy stereotypes to even praising notorious figures tied to anti-Semitic ideologies. Majorly not cool, Ye!

The Ye-Bane of the Music Industry

Actions have consequences, and Ye’s anti-Semitic meltdown has the industry buzzing and not in a good way. Broken contracts, strained partnerships, and a whole lot more pushback than Ye is used to facing—it’s been a wild ride!

The Fallout: Bigger Than a Kardashian Scandal

South of sane and north of outrageous, Kanye’s anti-Semitic blunders have come under fire from every direction. Celebs, organizations, common folks—they’re all saying it loud and clear: Hate and misinformation have no place in our society.

21. False Alarm: Kanye’s George Floyd Take Has the World in Uproar

Guess who’s at it again? Yep, our man Kanye West a.k.a Ye. Just when everyone thought this celeb had drained his shock-value fuel, he cranked up the drama during an interview on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s ‘Drink Champs’ podcast. His oh-so-controversial buzz? That George Floyd’s tragic death was caused by fentanyl use and not Derek Chauvin’s knee pressing against Floyd’s neck. Cue the outpour of shock and anger.

Fashioned from Controversial Documentary

So Ye, apparently, got his hands on Candace Owens’ documentary, which someone thought was a good idea to call, ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM.’ It was triggered by this film—questionable at best—that Kanye floated his wild theory about the real cause of George Floyd’s death.

Ye vs The Facts

“I watched the George Floyd documentary that Candace Owens put out. One of the things that his two roommates said was, ‘They want a tall guy like me,’ and the day that he died, he said a prayer for eight minutes. They hit him with the fentanyl. If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that,” Kanye said. Classic Ye heel-in-mouth moment, right?

Excuse me while I state the obvious but, folks, this scandalous statement blatantly disregards the hard facts. Floyd’s murder in May 2020 by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, where his knee remained on Floyd’s neck for almost nine stomach-churning minutes, was caught on camera and stirred worldwide outrage.

Repercussions of Kanye’s Comment

The ‘Drink Champs’ podcast interview was like watching a train wreck unfold in slow motion. Comment after comment, Ye just kept digging himself deeper into controversy.

N.O.R.E., the rapper-turned-podcaster, thankfully, was not staying mum while Ye was spinning these wild theories. He highlighted how Kanye’s words were damaging not just to Floyd’s legacy but also to black people in general who admired him.

Despite all, Ye didn’t retreat from his stand. His remarks only amplified the waves he’s been making in popular culture. His outrageous observations have caused quite an uproar and has got us all wondering what he’ll say next. Remember, when Kanye speaks, it’s not just words—it’s an echo of Ye’s perplexing personality that’s heard worldwide.

22. Slavery a “Choice”: Kanye’s Words That Broke the Internet

Kanye West found himself at the center of a storm of controversy on May 1, 2018. His comments during a TMZ interview, suggesting that slavery sounded like a “choice,” sparked widespread outrage and disbelief. Here’s a breakdown of how the events unfolded, the reaction to his remarks, and his attempts at clarification.

The Infamous TMZ Interview

During a candid sit-down with TMZ, Kanye West covered various topics, including his affection for President Trump and his recent social media activity. However, it was his remarks about slavery that ignited a firestorm. “When you hear about slavery for 400 years … That sounds like a choice,” West commented, inferring that the duration of slavery implied some level of consent or acquiescence. He further elaborated on his use of the word “prison” as a metaphor that unites people beyond racial lines, proposing it as an alternative to the direct and painful legacy associated with slavery.

Immediate Backlash within the TMZ Newsroom

West’s statements did not go unchallenged. TMZ reporter Van Lathan swiftly condemned West’s comments, emphasizing the real-world consequences and the historical inaccuracy of viewing slavery as a choice. Lathan’s rebuke underscored the pain and marginalization resulting from centuries of enforced servitude, expressing personal disappointment and hurt over West’s remarks and the narrative they perpetuated.

23. Kanye Praises Hitler and Nazis

In a jaw-dropping episode that etched itself into the annals of celebrity infamy, Kanye West delivered statements during an interview that left the public and fans stupefied.

A Controversial Conversation with Alex Jones

What seemed poised to be another headline-grabbing moment took a dark turn when West joined notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his InfoWars talk show. Anticipation quickly transformed into shock as Kanye professed his admiration for one of history’s most reviled figures.

Unfathomable Admiration Expressed

In a dialogue that initially centered around West’s previous antisemitic statements, Alex Jones appeared to extend an olive branch by insisting Ye was neither Hitler nor a Nazi. Kanye’s response was unsettling: he claimed to see redeeming qualities in Hitler, stating, “Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”

An Unsettling On-Camera Pronouncement

As Jones attempted to distance the conversation from dangerous territory, Kanye doubled down on his previously expressed sentiments. In a moment that was likely intended to fade into a commercial break, Kanye was heard clearly on-camera, disturbingly whispering, “I like Hitler.”

Confronting Discomfort Head-On

Even Alex Jones, known for his far-right rhetoric, found himself having to confront Kanye’s alarming praise of Nazis. Despite Jones’s attempts to steer the conversation towards a different conclusion, Kanye persisted, rejecting the association of “evil” with Nazis and reiterating his “love” for both Jewish people and Nazis alike.

24. Kanye West was Suspended by Twitter for Posting a Swastika

In yet another eye-catching incident, Kanye West found himself at the center of an uproar after posting a controversial image on Twitter. His actions led to what many called an unsurprising but decisive response from Twitter.

A Twitter Fiasco

Expanding his repertoire of shocking antics in December 2022, Kanye West posted an image of a swastika blended with a Star of David. This insensitive act came shortly after he returned to Twitter, following a previous suspension tied to him tweeting an antisemitic message. The suspension took place mere hours after he praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in a rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s show – Infowars.

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The Violation Leading to Suspension

Kanye’s account was reactivated by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, on November 21. However, it didn’t take long for the rapper to infringe upon Twitter’s rules again; this time, his account was locked for the posting of the offensive symbol. The specific contour for his suspension revolved around violating Twitter’s rules against incitement to violence.

The Fallout

Immediately following the incident, Kanye shared a disparaging image of Elon Musk, which he suggested would be his final tweet. Musk’s response put a clear line in the sand, acknowledging the inflammatory nature of Kanye’s provocative tweet containing the swastika.

Embroiling in Controversy

Despite his controversial Twitter status, Kanye didn’t let his online voice be quelled. He continued posting on Truth Social, another social media platform. Here, he shared a series of text messages, purportedly from Elon Musk, that sought to reason with him regarding the contentious tweet. However, Kanye’s responses painted a defiant picture.

25. Kanye West and Bianca Censori’s Unforgettable Water Taxi Experience

During a picturesque trip to Venice, Italy, Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori made headlines unexpectedly. Instead of basking in the romantic aura of this historic city, they created a stir by their lewd behavior on a Venetian water taxi. The couple was caught off-guard on camera, making the incident one of Kanye’s irrefutable wild moments.

Kanye’s Artful Admittance

Remained taciturn about the turbulent incident, the couple’s silence was finally broken but in a rather elliptical way. West seemed to reference the controversial boat escapade in his song “F— Sumn” from the album, “Vultures,” hinting at his and Censori’s public display of intimacy in the lyrics.

Banned for Life from Venetian Water Taxi

The incident’s aftermath turned out to be a ban for West and Censori from the water taxis owned by Venezia Turismo Motoscafi. This life-long ban was imposed following their explicit behavior that was condemned by the company in a fervent statement.

Along with the social backlash and professional ban, the couple was also under police investigation, following multiple reports about their alleged lewd act. However, no charges were officially imposed.

26. Kanye’s On-Stage Firestorm: A Rant Against Beyonce and Jay-Z

During the 2016 “Saint Pablo” tour, Kanye West surprised his fans with something other than his music. In an unforeseen tirade on stage, West openly criticized both Beyonce and Jay-Z, turning the concert into a platform for airing personal grievances.

A Concert Cut Short

The evening promised an electrifying performance, with fans eagerly awaiting Kanye’s Saint Pablo tour. However, the concert veered off-script drastically. Kanye took to the stage 90 minutes later than planned and performed for a mere 15 minutes before shifting gears. What ensued was not the continuation of a musical journey but a 30-minute exposé that ended the night prematurely.

The Heart of the Matter: Beyoncé and Jay-Z

At the core of Kanye’s discourse was his relationship with music royalty, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Kanye expressed his hurt over Beyoncé’s alleged condition for performing at the MTV Video Music Awards – winning Video of the Year over him and other artists. His message was clear: the politics and machinations behind the scenes were tarnishing the pure essence of music and artistry. Despite his critique, Kanye made sure to acknowledge Beyoncé’s greatness, along with that of Taylor Swift, emphasizing that, despite their talents, the industry’s politics often overshadowed genuine artistry.

A Plea to Jay-Z

Adding a personal note to his public outburst, Kanye directed a portion of his speech to Jay-Z, lamenting the lack of communication between the two in the aftermath of Kim Kardashian’s robbery incident in Paris. With vulnerability, he urged Jay-Z to reach out, not with hostility but for a heart-to-heart conversation, highlighting the strain their relationship had undergone.

Beyond Music: Politics and Media

Kanye’s tirade wasn’t confined to personal grievances and industry politics. He ventured into broader themes, critiquing the media and the political landscape, equating the disillusionment following Hillary Clinton’s loss to deceitful practices by major tech companies. He identified with Donald Trump’s disruptive presence in politics, seeing parallels with his own in music and culture.

27. When Kanye Earnestly Requested $1 Billion from Mark Zuckerberg

In an ordeal that might sound unusual for most, it became one of hip-hop artist Kanye West’s wild moments to remember. Displaying an ingenious mix of audacity, conviction, and a fraction of desperation, Kanye West called upon Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an unexpected manner: by asking for $1 billion over Twitter.

Tweeting for a Billion

Social media became the stage for Kanye’s bold appeal, aiming straight at the highest echelons of the tech world. Claiming to be $53 million in debt, the “Jesus Walks” rapper audaciously solicited Mark Zuckerberg to invest a whopping $1 billion into his “ideas,” reiterating his belief of being the “greatest artist of all time”.

Not Just Zuckerberg

Kanye’s unusual request was not exclusive to Zuckerberg; he also called for help from Alphabet’s CEO, Larry Page. However, his attempt to garner attention and financial assistance from these tech magnates remained unanswered. Bold in his approach, Kanye declared that investing in him would yield more fruits than investing in a school in Africa.

The Billion-Dollar Plea Amid An Album Release

The episode unfolded over a particularly busy weekend for Kanye. This public appeal coincided with the release of his long-delayed album, “The Life of Pablo.” After initially launching on his website, Kanye reversed course, making it exclusively available on Tidal, Jay-Z’s music streaming service, momentarily boosting its popularity.

Ye’s Grand Finale: A Wild Ride to Remember

Alright, folks, we’ve zipped through Kanye’s wildest rollercoaster moments like it’s a day at Ye-land, peppered with thrills, chills, and a whole lot of “Did he really just do that?” moments. It’s been a ride faster than Ye’s tweet deletions, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, bam! He drops another bombshell that has us all picking our jaws off the floor.

Let’s face it, Kanye lives in a world where normal is just a setting on the dryer. From storming stages to presidential bids that had us all scratching our heads, we’ve seen it all. Or have we? With Kanye, you know the show never really ends. It just goes on a brief intermission.

So, as we wrap this up, don’t think of it as the end. Oh, no. It’s more like a “To be continued…” because with Ye, there’s always another twist around the corner. And admit it, we’re all here for the next episode in the saga that is Kanye West. Keep those popcorn buckets ready and your Twitter on refresh, my friends. The Ye-train never stops.