John Fury And Bob Arum Mock AJ For Wanting To Fight On The Usyk Card – ‘Nobody In The US Knows Him’

November 15, 2023
3 months

In some top boxing news, John Fury has revealed that Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder will not be on the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk undercard.

Those comments arrived in the aftermath of Joshua suggesting that there were plans on having the fight on the card, which would push the undisputed fight to April.

In response, Tyson Fury was dismissive of the idea after making it clear that the fight was expected to go ahead in December. And in doing so, the Gypsy King was very clear that the two boxers should focus on rebuilding their careers, as opposed to fighting under his main event.

And now those words have been echoed by John Fury. The former urged Joshua and Wilder to pursue their own endeavours, leaving Fury with the task of having the biggest fights.

Fury On AJ

“Let them do their own thing, let them do their own promotions. If they want them on the bill, the big GK [Gypsy King] won’t be on it because they’ve done us no favors. We’ve given them everything they’ve asked for. They’ve tried to make us look bad; they’ve tried to make us look silly. We are at the top of the tree now. That guy there [Tyson Fury]. All roads lead to him, and they’ll do exactly what he says, but for my money, that won’t happen.

“How much money do you need in life? He’s [Fury] got tons of money. He’ll never spend what he’s got. It’s about principle now, and Gypsy people like we are, we’re big on principle. They [Joshua] should have took what was on the table and fell in line and accepted the position they were in. A losing position and beggars can’t be choosers, and they’re beggars. That’s all I’m going to say about that lot. Will he [Joshua] have a fight on the same bill as Tyson?” Fury said

Those comments have once again damaged the potential for a Wilder Joshua fight, with no venues currently making offers for the fight. And that goes on to show how the two boxers no longer have the same leverage that they once had.

After all, the chance for an undisputed fight had been talked about since 2018. But with the boxers no longer having any belts, that ship has firmly sailed.

Arum On AJ

At the same time, Bob Arum backed up those words from John Fury by ruling out a Joshua-Wilder fight on the Fury card. The comments were made in relation to two offers that had come Joshua’s way for the Fury fight.

Two 60-40 offers were presented to the boxer, the first of which was prior to Fury facing Derek Chisora. However, disagreements over timelines meant that the fight did not go ahead.

Meanwhile, the second offer was for a summer bout only to be knocked back as AJ faced Robert Helenius instead. And with Joshua not being the biggest name out there, Arum dismissed the idea of the Brit being on Fury’s card.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is an English thing; it’s a real Brit thing. As far as I’m concerned, nobody in the United States really knows Anthony Joshua because the only time he fought in the United States, Andy Ruiz knocked him out,” Arum stated

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