Joe Rogan Slams Fury-Ngannou Decision, George Groves Reacts

November 15, 2023
3 months

In some latest boxing news, Joe Rogan has not been left happy with the decision to award Tyson Fury a victory over Francis Ngannou.

His comments were made in reference to the Gypsy King being given a split decision win, despite the verdict dividing many in the boxing community.

Carl Froch and Carl Frampton were some of the names from the boxing world who had given Ngannou the win. Despite this being the case, one judge had it clearly for Fury as the scorecards read as follows: 96-93, 95-94, and 95-94.

That did not sit very well with Rogan since the decision prevented Ngannou from pulling off one of the biggest shocks in the sport.

Rogan On Fury-Ngannou

“Francis Ngannou had never had a boxing match ever in his life, had zero boxing matches, but he was the UFC heavyweight champion, knocked down Tyson Fury in the third round, beat him up in the eighth round. Most people, including me, thought he should’ve won the decision – including most boxers, most boxing pundits. He lost by one point on one judge’s scorecard. He won on one judge’s scorecard, and another judge, who should go to jail, had it 96-93 for Tyson Fury, which is f*cking outrageous,” Rogan said

Meanwhile, George Groves also has doubts about Fury’s future moving forward as a fight with Oleksandr Usyk has been delayed until February 2024.

The former world champion questioned whether Fury had the desire to chase the biggest fights, given that he has now secured a lucrative purse after having faced Ngannou.

And given that Usyk is intent on creating a legacy in becoming a two-time undisputed champion, Fury would have to dethrone an undefeated fighter to remain on top of the division. And that is why Groves has doubts about Fury’s ambitions moving forward.

Groves On Fury

“I do think it’s highly unlikely for that fight to take place, not just if it happens before Christmas, but even next. I think Tyson Fury’s never going to doubt his ability, it’s more does he still have it and does he still want it? Is that desire to be the fighter he once was still there? Maybe he’s just in that comfort zone now, which no fighters ever want to be in, where the money’s in the bank, the legacy’s sort of built.

“All of a sudden now there’s a significant rival that’s cropped up in Usyk, who not that long ago was undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world. Now Tyson Fury’s got to get his head in the game in his mid-30’s and say, ‘right my career’s going to be defined by this little Ukrainian guy. The major thing he might be thinking after the fight is not so much have I got it anymore, but do I want it anymore,” Groves stated 

Moving forward, both Ngannou and Fury have major steps to consider moving forward. But whether that leads to a rematch between the pair is anyone’s guess. However, there is certainly a narrative in place to make it happen.