Jake Paul Wants A UFC 303 Fight With Sean O’Malley; Says He Will Kill Him

June 13, 2024
1 month
Jake Paul Wants A UFC 303 Fight With Sean O’Malley; Says He Will Kill Him

Jake Paul wants to fight Sean O’Malley at UFC 303 before his fight with Mike Tyson on November 15 after ‘Suga’ called him out. 

The comments were made after the uncertainty over whether Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler will happen. The press conference for the right was postponed last minute. McGregor responded by saying there were obstacles preventing it from happening. Meanwhile, Ariel Helwani has said the UFC have put out ‘feelers’ to find a replacement.

McGregor vs. Chandler

“Latest on UFC 303: Around this time last week, all the anxiety surrounding the UFC 303 main event seemed to start to dissipate. By Wednesday, no more feelers about replacements were being sent out. All systems seemed to be a go (again). Later in the week, Chandler did an interview with The Pivot about it being all good, and on Saturday UFC was promoting it again on the ABC fight night telecast. There was a scare about the fight being off and the scare appeared to be no more.”

“But since this morning, multiple sources are now saying feelers are being sent out again for June 29. For a replacement and/or new fight(s). In short, there seems to pessimism all over again regarding the status of the 303 main event. Actually even more pessimism – it seems – than on Monday last week after the presser was cancelled at the last minute.

“Is this insurance? Due diligence? Emergency replacement mode? Remains to be seen. It’s all developing (again). But it doesn’t appear as though we are out of the woods either way just yet. More to come, and hopefully a definitive answer one way or the other In short order. So…. will we see McGregor vs. Chandler at UFC 303? As the old saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Or is this a publicity build-up? It’s anyone’s guess,” Helwani said

Paul’s MMA Debut

Paul has not made his MMA debut since signing with the PFL last year. He has continued to pursue his boxing career, with reports that he will box Mike Perry next. Jake is in the best form of his career, having beaten two professional boxers consecutively. Stoppage wins over Andre August, and Ryan Bourland have taken Paul a step closer to his eventual goal of becoming a world champion. 

However, an MMA fight against the UFC Bantamweight Champion is unlikely for various reasons. Dana White previously ruled out doing a co-promotion with the PFL to make Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones. If White did not do that for the biggest MMA fight, he is unlikely to do the same for Paul vs. O’Malley. Paul and White are also not on good terms. Paul has called out White for not paying UFC fighters enough, while White has suggested Jake uses steroids. 

Even if the fight did get made, the weight class is a problem. Paul fights at around cruiserweight, although he will move up to heavyweight for the Tyson fight. O’Malley is a bantamweight, meaning that catchweight would be difficult to make. In addition, the fight will not be competitive. Just as Paul has beaten MMA fighters who crossed over into boxing, the same would happen in the reverse. But that has not prevented Paul from seeking that fight. 


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