Jake Paul Vs. Andre August Breakdown

December 15, 2023
2 months
Jake Paul Vs. Andre August Breakdown

Jake Paul and Andre August face off on December 15th, 2023, in a cruiserweight clash on DAZN.

Paul faces the second professional boxer of his career following his defeat to Tommy Fury via a split decision. The Problem Child bounced back from that loss with a unanimous decision win over Nate Diaz, who was making his boxing debut.

Meanwhile, Andrade was out of the ring for four years before returning to beat Brandon Martin in August. His record stands at 10-1-1 as he has the biggest fight of his career. August may not be a big name, but he has been around a boxing ring, so the fight could be an intriguing match-up. With that being said, here is the breakdown.

Paul Vs. August

August is known for his come-forward style. He fights similarly to someone like Isaac Cruz, who likes to close the distance and let off big shots on the inside. His right hook is something to be watched out for, as it is often used on the body, as August uses his head movement to move on the inside. That will pose Paul some problems since he fights better at range.

Once Nate Diaz closed the distance, Paul struggled on the inside, which is why he used his jab to maintain the distance. Diaz managed to land combinations on the inside, and Paul could come up short in that department against someone like August, who is a professional boxer.

August punches harder than Diaz. The latter was a 155-pounder who reached 170 to take on Paul. So that will play a factor since August is a fully-fledged cruiserweight. However, August has shown that he needs help finding the range when he faces taller fighters.

Paul’s Advantage

Paul has the advantage of a height and reach. He is 185 cm and has a reach of 193 cm. August is shorter at 178 cm, although they have an equal reach. As August tries to close the distance, Paul could exploit that by using a one-two combination. But if August can utilise angles and throw Paul off his rhythm, it could be a long night for the ‘Problem Child.’

Another question is whether August has the stamina to go the whole distance. Unlike Tommy Fury, who fought at range, August does his best work on the inside. He had been out of the ring for four years before his return in August. And at 35, he is facing a younger and fresher Paul.

The Issue Of Activity

Jake has been very active this year. He will have fought three times in 2023 with the August fight. It is an eight-round contest, however, which could even things out. In addition, there is the question of power. August has been knocked out in his career. He was stopped by Eric Abraham in 2018. Paul, in contrast, has yet to be stopped.

He has knocked out four opponents out of his eight fights. While they were against non-pro boxers, Paul does have a solid chin. He took Tommy Fury’s shots on the chin and dropped him with his jab despite losing a split decision. What makes it difficult for Paul is the lack of footage on August. The latter has not fought any big names, which makes it difficult to form an in-depth game plan. So, on fight night, who will come out victorious?

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