Jake Paul Reveals Why Logan Chose To Fight Danis

November 15, 2023
4 months

Jake Paul has opened up on the reasons why his brother, Logan Paul, chose to fight Dillon Danis.

The duo will fight each other on the KSI vs. Tommy Fury card on October 14th, 2023. And as part of that process, Logan will be having his first fight since his exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather.

During the course of that process, Paul managed to go the distance with ‘TBE’ despite not inflicting any damage of note. In the aftermath, however, Logan has stayed away from the boxing ring.

Logan’s Rise

His ventures with the WWE and his highly-successful venture with his ‘PRIME’ drink has done wonders for his net worth. Therefore, boxing was not on the top of the agenda. However, when it came to Danis, it appears that Paul had a change of heart.

The MMA star has been very vocal in trolling Paul’s fiancé, Nina Agdal, who has sued him since then. His social media posts have centred around the number of people Agadal has been connected with by way of relationships.

The end goal has been to get under Logan’s skin to highlight Agdal’s alleged high body count. But for all the damage that has been coming Logan’s way in terms of his personal life, Jake admitted that there was a reason why Danis was chosen.

Jake Paul On Logan

“Remember my brother picked this guy for one reason only… because he craves attention and followers and will do his best to sell the fight, making my brother even wealthier in the process. Hence why Danis has no backend percentage of the money made. He’s a puppet,” Jake Paul

Nevertheless, that could end up backfiring if Logan does come out second best in the fight. The amount of material that has been shared online will make one fighter have to live with the consequences of the loss.

And for Logan moving forward, he will be hoping to avoid all that. A defeat, though, would never leave Paul the same again.

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