Jake Paul Responds To Critics Of His Upcoming Bout

December 3, 2023
7 months
Jake Paul Responds To Critics Of His Upcoming Bout

In today’s boxing news, Jake Paul has slammed his critics in response to his decision to face Andre August on December 15th, 2023.

The Problem Child will face his second professional boxer following his loss to Tommy Fury. In his last bout, Paul bounced back with a win over Nate Diaz to dispel the disappointment of the loss to Fury. And yet, the decision to pick August has not gone down well.

The latter had been out of the ring for four years before his return to the sport this year with a unanimous-decision win over Brandon Martin. But given that he is not a big name, Paul has had to shut down suggestions that he is cherry-picking weak opposition. And in doing so, he referenced the records of other great boxers to compare it with his own.

Paul Reacts

“Who, who, who? What are you f***ing owl. It’s Andre August that’s who, shut the f*** up. The switch up is crazy, from ‘fight a real boxer’ to ‘who is this guy? What is he doing this for?’ Make up your mind.

“Pound-for-pound, the great Terence Crawford fought a 9-14 opponent in his ninth fight. I’m treating myself like a typical boxing prospect would do. And not that I should even give you little peons some answers, but here’s some stats for you.

“Canelo Alvarez fought an 0-1 opponent in his ninth fight and Gervonta Davis fought an opponent who had 31 losses in his ninth fight. Yes, you heard that right, for y’all to still be criticising me it just shows your own insecurities and that you are a hater, tweeting off of your mum’s WiFi, and if it’s not your mum’s I know for sure you split that bill with a roommate,” Paul stated 

Paul’s MMA Chances

Outside of that, Paul has been praised for his desire to take on Nate Diaz in an MMA bout. Following his boxing bout with Diaz, Paul offered $10 million to the latter to fight under MMA rules. Diaz, though, would not take up the offer as his aim was to have a rematch in boxing.

Since then, the PFL chairman Donn Davis has indicated his willingness to offer Diaz up to $15 million to make it happen. Although there is nothing new in that regard, if the fight did happen, MMA fighter Matt Brown has backed Paul to beat Diaz. 

“Jake Paul, I’m going to pick him to win. I’m going to pick him to beat Nate Diaz in MMA. We already know he can outbox him. When was the last time you saw Nate Diaz take someone down? But I don’t think he’ll be able to take him down, even if he tries to [take him down]. He’s way, way undersized. Jake Paul is so much bigger than him. I don’t know what weight it will be at, probably 185. Nate’s not a great wrestler, it’s going to end up staying on the feet,” Paul revealed  

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