Jake Paul Gives His Take On Logan And Danis’ Feud

November 15, 2023
6 months

Jake Paul has given his take on Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’ trash talk. 

The pair are set to face each other on October 14th, 2023, on the KSI vs. Tommy Fury card. And as part of that process, the two fighters have been engaging in numerous verbal digs.

Danis has resorted to making posts on social media about Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, which have suggested that she has a huge body count. In response, Agdal sued Danis on the grounds that his posts had caused her distress.

This was accompanied by a restraining order to prevent Danis from making more posts. Thereafter, Logan made some passing comments about Danis’ late father during their pre-fight presser. And with so much bad blood out there, Paul has now had his say on the matter. 

Jake On Logan Paul

“You have a very large weak spot that he’s exploiting. When he tweets about anything other than Nina, no one cares, it doesn’t get good engagement. Yeah, he makes jokes, but it’s largely in part that he’s exploiting Nina and there are so many hurt males out there who can’t get girls and they’re the ones that are like ‘Yeah, f*** girls! F*** women! I love what Dillon is doing here.

“They know they won’t ever get a hot girl. Now they’re finding a way out to unleash their hate through this super hateful, insecure male who is clearly, clearly a very hurt person,” Jake Paul said 

Regardless of what the case may be, Logan has to ensure that he does not end up fighting off emotion. And at a time where there is increasing pressure on both fighters to back up their trash talk, Danis and Paul must make sure that they deliver. 

This begs the question: where does each fighter go following a loss? Well, a loss for Danis may be expected given that he does not have any boxing experience. He is an MMA fighter making his debut.

As for Paul, he does have boxing experience having fought KSI. And yet, his last fight was all the way back in 2021 against Floyd Mayweather. Despite going the distance, he was ultimately fighting in an exhibition.

In addition, he was fighting a much older Mayweather, who was naturally the smaller fighter. So a loss for Paul could be more damaging for his brand. Nevertheless, Logan was not even contemplating that.

Logan Paul On Danis

“I think he has gone too far, yeah. It’s not affected me though. When I entered this fight, I knew Dillon was a scumbag,” he said. “I didn’t think he’d take it as far as he did but you know, actions and consequences. I think he’s going to get what’s coming to him. I’ve been through the f**king social wringer. I’ve seen it all, I’ve heard all the insults. I know exactly who I am. I know exactly who my wonderful, beautiful fiancée is, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Some moron troll posting some bulls**t on Twitter will never faze me, ever,” Paul stated 

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