Hearn Wants Eubank-Benn Signed Within Seven Days, Chris Eubank Sr. Responds

November 15, 2023
4 months

In the latest boxing news, Eddie Hearn is intent on making an agreement between Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr. for a fight within the seven days. 

The two boxers were on course to face each other in October 2022, only for the fight to be pulled after Benn failed two VADA tests for Clomiphene. Thereafter, Benn has been involved in a legal case involving UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control.

Although Benn recently returned to face Rodolfo Orozco, UKAD and the BBBofC appealed the decision of the National Anti-Doping Agency to remove Benn’s suspension, which appears have to been done after a defense based on jurisdiction. And yet, Hearn was confident that an agreement would be made moving forward. 

Hearn On Benn-Eubank

“We want to close that fight in the next seven days. I believe you’re going to see Benn vs Eubank in January, it’s going to be a massive stadium fight in the UK. We’ve still got to get the contract signed and see the ink dry. But that’s the fight we want to make, it’s the only one we’re interested in.The history is there, the legacy is there, the controversy is there. It’s definitely not at 157 lbs, Conor’s already said 160 lbs now problem. But, that’s the biggest fight in British boxing right now and we’re going to get it signed,” Hearn

Despite this being the case, there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome. As of now, Benn is not allowed to box in the UK, which is the only place that would make sense for the fight, given their fanbase is based there. Meanwhile, Chris Eubank Sr. has called on Benn to face Harlem Eubank instead. 

Chris Eubank Sr. Reacts

“Rules are in place for a reason, to keep fighters safe. Now, (Harlem’s) 147, Conor’s 147. (Harlem) is Eubank, okay, he is my son now. His father has now left this, as I’ve mentioned, he’s my son now. So I push the right fight. Junior is 160, 168, he walks around at a heavier weight. It’s a two-weight difference between. (Harlem) is 147, Benn is 147. That’s a fight that can be made, and that’s a fight that I will make,” Chris Eubank Sr. 

Those latter comments were picked up by Benn, who had a few choice words to say on the matter. The welterweight was receptive to the idea of facing the other Eubank.

However, that was on the basis of getting past Eubank Jr. first. After all, such a fight would be more lucrative given the bad blood that has emerged since Benn’s failed tests. In response, this is what Benn had to say.

Benn Responds

“When I flatten @ChrisEubankJr in 3 rounds the nephew can come in for the encore and I’ll flatten him afterwards for banter,” Benn

And yet, Hearn downplayed suggestions that the fight with Harlem could happen.

“Chris [Sr], doesn’t represent [Eubank] Jr anymore, he represents Harlem. And he’s trying to canvas for a Harlem fight against Conor Benn, which is of no interest to us at all,” Hearn