Haney Takes Legal Action To Disqualify Garcia And Get The Win – ‘PED Use, IV’s, Intentionally Missing Weight’

May 14, 2024
2 weeks
Haney Takes Legal Action To Disqualify Garcia And Get The Win

Devin Haney’s legal team have taken steps to overturn the loss to Ryan Garcia

Haney was dropped three times on his way to a majority decision loss. It was the first defeat of his career, as Garcia shocked the world. Haney, however, remained the WBC Junior Welterweight Champion after Garcia missed weight. He came in 3.2 pounds over the limit. But things took a turn for the worse when Garcia failed two VADA tests for Ostarine.

Urine samples taken a day before and on the fight date showed the substance. Ostarine helps fighters cut weight and increase muscle and stamina. Garcia’s team argued that the amount was small, ruling out performance enhancement. They have requested that the B sample be tested, as they may have to argue contamination. If Garcia cannot defend himself, he could face a ban and see the result overturned. 

Haney Takes Action

Haney’s team now want action. They want Garcia disqualified so Haney can become the winner. This is based on three grounds. They alleged that Garcia intentionally missed weight, allowing him an unfair advantage. Garcia reportedly is on record, saying the plan was never to make weight. They are also arguing the potential use of IVs. During the build-up, there are clips of Garcia using IVs, which are not allowed.

The last point of contention is the Ostarine. Garcia ultimately fought with a banned substance in his body. Strict liability means fighters are responsible for what they take. Haney’s attorney, Pat English, has now requested that the New York State Athletic Commission disqualify Garcia, give Ryan a loss and make Haney the winner. He referenced how Lucian Bute’s win over Badou Jack was overturned in the 2016 Olympics when he tested positive for Ostarine. 

Haney’s Attorney

“There is a blemish on Mr. Haney’s record. He was placed in an unsafe fight under NYSAC jurisdiction. The bout was made a mockery and in addition to the PED use and prohibited use of IV’s, after the bout, Mr. Garcia admitted that missing weight was a tactic to give him an unfair advantage.

“As there was no second-day weigh in required by the commission, thus it is impossible to know what he weighed on fight night. This is why, after setting forth the facts below we request that Mr. Garcia be disqualified, which is more fitting than a no-contest in this situation.”

“After the bout, Garcia stated publicly that he had lied and he was overweight in order to get a competitive advantage over Haney. Had Garcia not lied about his purpose, Haney would not have proceeded with the bout against him and/or would have taken steps to protect himself.

“Ostarine is sold on the black market for its performance enhancing properties. At no time did Devin Haney consent to engage in a bout against a boxer who was positive for a performance-enhancing drug, and would not have proceeded with the bout had he known. The New York State Athletic Commission would not have permitted the bout had it known of the positive finding.

Further Points

“Representatives of Mr. Garcia have publicly suggested that the Ostarine was found in trace amounts. In fact, while there are a couple of Commissions in the United States which permit trace amounts of Ostarine [and New York, WADA and VADA are not among them], the samples quantities [were] 35 to 60 times the amount considered in those jurisdictions to be trace amounts.

“Adding insult to the commission and to the sport of boxing, Mr. Garcia has alleged that he was ‘high…during his bout with Mr. Haney. This very clearly brings disrepute on the sport of boxing and, by derivation, on the New York State Athletic Commission,” English

“Ostarine is specifically listed as a prohibited performance enhancing drug on the Commission website. An IV is expressly prohibited. Intentionally coming in overweight is a violation.

“In this context, the commission has full authority to issue a disqualification. That would change the bout to a win for Mr. Haney by disqualification. On behalf of Mr. Haney, we request that change in addition to such suspension as deemed appropriate by the commission,” English

Garcia has responded with disbelief. 


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