Haney Slams Garcia’s Reaction To Failed Tests – ‘He Never Cared If He Got Caught’

May 19, 2024
1 month
Haney Slams Garcia's Reaction To Failed Tests - 'He Never Cared If He Got Caught'

Devin Haney has reacted to Ryan Garcia’s claim that his B-sample will likely return positive. 

Garcia beat Haney in a one-sided fight, dropping him three times on his way to a majority decision victory. However, the result has now been clouded by mass controversy. Garcia tested positive for Ostarine after two VADA tests detected the substance in his urine. Ostarine is a banned substance, as it allows athletes to grow muscle, increase stamina and lose fat.

Garcia denied taking the substance, vowing to prove his innocence. Haney’s attorney has asked the New York State Athletic Commission to disqualify Garcia. This is to get the result in favor of Haney. Garcia could face a ban due to strict liability, as the focus will be on proving contamination. He has requested that his B-sample be tested, which will take place on May 22. B-samples usually confirmed the results of the A-sample, meaning Garcia will likely test positive. Ryan has resigned himself to that. 

Garcia Reacts

“I’m doing perfect, like I’m happy. Justice will prevail, so I’m not worried about nothing. After May 22nd, there should be a result for obviously the B-sample, but I don’t believe it will come out clean. If they found it in the A, why wouldn’t they find it in the B? I think it’s all…[rubbish] as we know it is.

“I mean, nobody takes steroids the day before the fight and the day after the fight. You would have to actually be dumb, so justice will prevail. I don’t care if they ban me for my whole life because I’m going to just create my own league and do my own fights. I’m not going to walk away from boxing. I’m going to walk away from this boxing, create my own league, and fight on my own…[terms],” Garcia said 

Haney has ruled out the prospect of a rematch, meaning Garcia would not have the chance to run things back if it becomes a no-contest. But if he decides to break away and set up his fights, he has the fanbase to do it. Garcia has close to a million followers on X, as his following skyrocketed during the build-up.

He has also amassed more than a million increase in followers on Instagram since the Haney fight. That has created a hardcore boxing fanbase that is backing Garcia. While maintaining his innocence, Garcia must have a defense to back that up. Otherwise, it creates a perception that he has no remorse for the findings. That did not sit well with Haney, who admitted that he could have lost his life in the ring. 

Haney Responds

“He never cared if he got caught from the beginning,” Haney stated 

Nevertheless, Garcia must be allowed to go through due process. He must provide evidence that can explain what has happened. Given the seriousness of the allegations, it is only right that he is given a chance to put his side of the story across. Until the B-sample is tested and the findings provided, boxing fans will have to wait. But so far, things are not looking good for Garcia. 


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