Gervonta Davis Ducks Devin Haney For Conor Benn Despite Failed VADA Tests Scandal

February 5, 2024
2 weeks
Gervonta Davis Ducks Devin Haney For Conor Benn Despite Failed VADA Test Scandal

Gervonta Davis has suggested that he is willing to fight Conor Benn after interacting with the fighter and Eddie Hearn on social media. 

Benn is coming off a unanimous decision win over Peter Dobson over the weekend. Despite getting the win, Benn looked far from convincing. He failed to stop his second opponent in a row, raising question marks over his power following his failed VADA tests for Clomiphene.

Benn made it clear in the aftermath of the win that he was still working his way back to his best, given the uncertainty surrounding his career. He is not allowed to box in the UK until the British Boxing Board of Control and UKAD have gone through the appeal process with Ben. But that has not stopped Benn from being linked with Davis. During an interaction between Hearn and Davis, Tank appeared on board in a fight. 

Gervonta Davis Ducks Devin Haney For Conor Benn Despite Failed VADA Test Scandal
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Davis Vs. Benn

Hearn: “You interested in fighting Conor?”

Davis: “What are we doing, Eddie?”

This was in light of a heated exchange between Davis and Benn

Davis: “Sure, why not? Where would you like your [backside] whooping at, bro?” 

Benn: “Oh, here he is, the woman-beating munchkin from Oz. Let’s do it next! Don’t be all talk either, you little shrimp! Eddie Hearn, drop the munchkin a DM and get this fight made NEXT. I’m sure he’ll screenshot the conversation anyway, so we will see who’s full of [stuff]. See you soon. 

Gervonta Davis: “I’ll be waiting, Eddie Hearn.” 

Despite this, there will be some obstacles to getting the fight started. Benn is not a big name in the US, meaning it will need help to sell. The fight would make sense in the UK since Benn could get the UK fans on board, but he is not allowed to box there.

In addition, if Davis were to take this fight, it would suggest he ducked Devin Haney in favor of a much easier fight. Leonard Ellerbe downplayed a Davis-Haney fight, saying Tank is a 135-pound fighter. But since Benn is known for being a 147 fighter, it is clear that those comments would come back to haunt him.

Benn Vs. Haney

With Benn struggling to rediscover the form that made him a big puncher since his failed VADA tests, his stock has fallen. But the Brit is also open to facing Haney after the Dream suggested Benn’s power had gone following his failed VADA tests.

“What the f— is he talking about? He hasn’t knocked anyone out in his last [eight] fights. What’s he talking about, power? He’s never had power. My DNA is strong, don’t worry about that. He’s just jealous because he’s never had none. If he wants to come find out about the power, I’ll happily show him.He can get it next,” Benn stated 

Benn is calling out the big names, but he is struggling to get those mega fights. But performances like the Dobson one will not help his cause anytime soon. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on