Garcia Warns Haney After Dropping Sparring Partner With A Deadly Combo – ‘Devin Isn’t Safe’

April 2, 2024
2 weeks
Garcia Warns Haney After Dropping Sparring Partner With A Deadly Combo - 'Devin Isn't Safe'

Ryan Garcia released footage showing him dropping his sparring partner before his fight with Devin Haney on April 20.

The two boxers face off as Haney defends his WBC Junior Welterweight Belt. The Dream is a two-weight world champion, while Garcia is still chasing his first-ever world title. Both men have contrasting styles. Haney is a technical and slick boxer who has shown enough power to earn the respect of his opponents. His last fight against Regis Prograis showed that. He dropped the former champion with his right hand. He prevented Prograis from waking him down, winning every round on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Garcia is known for having defensive flaws, but his power is undeniable. Ryan possesses knockout power in both hands. His last fight against Oscar Duarte proved that. Garcia knocked out Duarte’s tooth with his right hand. Meanwhile, the left hook set up the stoppage. That power was evident again in the following footage.

Garica can be seen landing a left hook followed by a straight right. The sparring partner is not clear, but fans are speculating that it is Frank Martin. Martin, Garcia’s stablemate, is preparing to take on Gervonta Davis.

Garcia’s Sparring

The sparring has raised many questions. Some suggest it has been staged to give Haney a false narrative about what he could be facing. Others have criticised Garcia for releasing any sparring footage. Any such footage could give team Haney something to work with in devising a game plan. Tim Bradley has picked Haney to dominate the fight.

Bradley Reacts

“A boxing lesson. Devin got the better jab, the better movement, well-schooled, and IQ a lot better. Garcia is limited, we already know. He’s trying to develop his right hand with Derrick James. His left hook is his bread and butter. If you take that away, what else does he have? I know he has that little shoulder tuck; turn your back, roll. I think he’s going to be using that a whole lot. Don’t be surprised if Haney steps on the gas and tries to go for the knockout to try and get him up out of there.

“Ryan, to me, still doesn’t know how to fight a complete fight. He doesn’t know how to stay focused all the way through. Against [Oscar] Duarte, he did show some adjustments. I’ll give him that. He did show some adjustments in that fight, with one being that little shoulder roll thing. He showed a better jab; I’ll give him credit for that. Anyway, he’s going to have to be more than that because you got a guy like in Haney, who can make so many adjustments, and he makes the adjustments on the fly, bro,” Bradley said 

However, Haney has shown that he can be rocked. Former world champion Jorge Linares rocked Haney with a right hook during an exchange, showing he can be hurt. While Haney did manage to stay on his feet, he was saved by the bell. Had the round continued, he may have found himself on the canvas. So the question is can Garcia go done better?


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