Garcia Urged To Face Better Opposition Before Fighting Haney

January 6, 2024
3 months
Garcia Urged To Face Better Opposition Before Fighting Haney

Ryan Garica needs to face better competition before facing Devin Haney.

That is according to Gabriel Rosado. Garcia is coming off a win over Oscar Duarte on December 2nd, 2023. It was the first fight under his new trainer, Derrick James. A call out of Haney followed after the win. Haney is coming off a big win over Regis Prograis to become the new WBC junior welterweight champion.

Facing Haney from Duarte is a big step up. Haney has shown that he can neutralise a big puncher by removing Prograis’ left hand. Haney will attempt to do the same by neutralising Garcia’s left hook. Gervonta Davis did that as he stopped Garcia in the seventh round with a body shot. But before Garcia considers Haney, Rosado wanted him to face better competition.

Haney Vs. Garcia

“I would like to see Ryan, even though he’s calling out the big boys; I’d like to see him get back in there and sharpen up a little bit before he jumps into a fight with Haney. Man, if he wants to fight Haney, my hat’s off to him. It’s an art in match-making.

“Your next fight should be someone that kind of mimics Haney that style to kind of catch that rhythm. Keep working with your new coach because honestly, man, boxing is about constantly training and practicing where it automatically comes out. You’re not going to get with a trainer and do a couple of camps and change right away,” Rosado said 

Garcia Urged To Face Better Opposition Before Fighting Haney
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It is ultimately a question of whether Garcia wants a world title or to secure the highest purses. He could face Rolando Romero for the WBA junior welterweight title, which is an easier fight than Haney. Garcia would be a heavy favorite, and the bout would likely result in a big purse. But the fight would not prepare Garcia for Haney’s style since Romero is known for being an aggressive, front-foot fighter, unlike the slick Haney.

Crawford And Canelo

Outside of Garcia, Rosado also warned Terence Crawford of chasing Canelo Alvarez. Bud is willing to move up three weight classes to fight for Canelo’s undisputed title, hoping to become a three-weight undisputed champion. He urged Crawford to face Jaron Ennis, the current IBF welterweight champion.

Ennis became the champion after Crawford was stripped for not defending his belt against Ennis due to the Spence rematch. A fight between Crawford and Ennis is unlikely, given that Bud may move up to 154, but that is what Rosado wanted to see.

“I would rather see Terence and Boots because I’m not really interested in Crawford-Canelo because that’s likely two different paths. Canelo is in a higher weight class, and that’s his legacy. Terence did his thing.

“I feel like if Canelo beats him at that weight [168], then they’re going to say that he [Crawford] was too small. It’s more of a win-win for Crawford. It’s nothing in it for Canelo. Boot earned his spot because he beat the guys he was supposed to beat. They’re [Ennis and Crawford] are in the same weight class,” Rosado stated 

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