Garcia Says He Would KO A Prime Mayweather

March 16, 2024
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Garcia Says He Would KO A Prime Mayweather

Ryan Garcia says he would knock out Floyd Mayweather while he was in his prime.

Garcia faces Devin Haney in his next fight on April 20. A victory allows Garcia to win his first world title. He has discussed his chances ahead of the fight, saying he will stop Haney. Garcia’s boxing record shows that he is capable of stopping boxers.

His boxing record stands at 24-1, which includes 20 knockouts. His last bout was an eighth-round knockout of Oscar Duarte. But coming into the Haney fight, there are worries over Garcia’s mental state. He has admitted smoking weed and drinking, as well as saying he was ‘high as f**k.’

He recently disappeared from social media, and he threatened to sue the New York State Athletic Commission after they requested a mental health evaluation. But Garcia is still talking a huge game, saying he would stop Haney and Mayweather.

Garcia On Mayweather

“In his prime, I honestly believe I could knock out Floyd Mayweather. You asked me who I could knock out, and I gave you the answer. If you don’t like the answer. I’m doing 98% of this, 99. I feel like I’m doing all of it. I don’t really care what he does. I’m going to walk towards him with my hands down and knock him out. I guarantee it. I’m going to stand in front of him with my hands down, hit him with two punches, and knock him out. He’ll be knocked out in the first round,” Garcia said 

But Garcia must avoid getting too careless, which he did against Gervonta Davis. The boxer started well against Tank, pushing him on the back foot before getting tagged in the second round. Davis landed a counter left, sending Garcia to the floor. While Garcia managed to get up from the canvas, he was never the same.

Garcia On Haney

He was eventually stopped in the seventh round with a brutal body shot. That gave Garcia the first defeat of his career. However, since working with Derrick James, there has been some optimism that Garcia’s defense will improve. James is known for working on boxing fundamentals, something which Haney possesses. But Garcia is confident that his power will win him the fight.

“He’s going to be knocked out in any round I want him to be knocked out in. If I want to torture him in the ring, I will. I guarantee you. His dad is going to have three chances to save him or something really bad is going to happen to Devin Haney in that ring, and you know what that is. I’m not risking that on him. I’m saying this is how I’m coming. I don’t see you. I see what’s behind you. Remember that,” Garcia added 

If Garcia wins, he becomes the biggest name in boxing. But if he comes up short, it will be very tough to bounce back. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on