Fury Fires Numerous Insults At Usyk – ‘You Sausage! Ugly Little Man’

November 17, 2023
3 months

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk’s presser resulted in the ‘Gypsy King’ exchanging numerous insults towards the Ukrainian.

Prior to the presser, there were question marks over how both fighters would approach the interaction. The two are known for getting inside the heads of their opponents, something which may prove key in a sport of the finest margins.

It was Fury who went on the front foot in an attempt to intimidate the Ukrainian. The tactics were very similar as to how Fury approached the Wladimir Klitschko fight.

As for Usyk, the boxer showed a lack of willingness to engage in verbal shots. However, Usyk did on occasion articulate himself in English in order to get the point across. As such, here were the main insults directed towards each other.

Fury’s Insults

“He’s a tricky man, good boxer, slick. But I have seen many people like him before and when they fight the big men they struggle. He’s going to struggle on February 17 and he’s going to lose, I will break him for sure. You’re fighting the greatest British heavyweight that’s ever been. You’ve beat all the rest of them but you haven’t met Tyson Fury yet, you sausage! Ugly little man. You know what’s coming, you’re getting smashed.

“I think he got hit in the body [against Dubois], off a good body shot, and he didn’t want to get up for five minutes. Well, here’s a question then – did you get hit low or not? Did he get hit low? I’ve watched boxing all my life, and it didn’t look like a low blow, it was on the belt. So there you are, [he was] crying around on the floor like a little b***h, crying. That’s what he did, that’s what he’ll do again, February 17th, when he gets busted up, blood all over the ring. He’ll be crawling on his hands on the floor, like a little sausage,” Fury stated

Usyk Remains Calm

In response, Usyk avoided firing insults at the WBC heavyweight champion. The unified heavyweight champion’s comments were focused on trying to relish the moment and become the second man to be undisputed in a second weight class alongside Terence Crawford.

“For me, it’s [a] big opportunity, for undisputed, for my family, for my country, for my people. [I] know Tyson Fury, in the next fight [with me] will be different (from the showing he gave against Ngannou). He will be different against me. There is no destiny, God gives me the opportunity and I’m using this opportunity. Thanks to God for everything. I’m very happy to be here. Thank you to everyone. I will speak more in the ring. I want to tell a story that looks very similar to our story with Tyson, about David and Goliath. When the Lord gives me Tyson in my hands, I will do my job,” Usyk stated

The question remaining is can both fighters back their words up. ‘Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingnews.com