Fury Could Be Stripped For Not Fighting AJ Or Wilder

November 15, 2023
6 months

Tyson Fury risks the prospect of being stripped of his WBC heavyweight title.

This could occur if he refuses to fight the winner of Deontay Wilder and Anthony JoshuaFollowing the new WBC rankings, Joshua has been placed as the second-highest ranked fighter below Wilder.

Therefore, if Joshua and Wilder do end up fighting as is expected, then the winner is likely to face Tyson Fury. However, the latter has indicated that he has no intention of fighting the biggest names. Fury’s primary focus appears to be on securing the most lucrative fights.

Fury On His Fights

“I have no interest in fighting those guys. I didn’t come back this time for belts, I came back to secure my family and I’ve done it,” Fury

That has also included a new approach to the negotiation table which may explain why talks over an Oleksandr Usyk fight broke down.

Fury On Usyk

“If Usyk is a good little boy, he might be an option but if he isn’t, he will just be another foreign middleweight that stays out in the cold. I will beat him, and I won’t even look for a body shot either. I will knock him out with a chin shot if that fight ever happens. If he is a good little boy and takes a small percentage of the superstar’s money then he will get a fight. If he wants big bucks. If he wants a seat at the king’s table then you’ve got to play ball with the master,” Fury said 

Therefore, a situation could arise where Fury refuses to fight the winner, leading to a potential stripping of his title. However, that all depends on whether a fight between Joshua and Wilder gets made.

Despite the continuous links with Saudi, no official offer has come in which has left Hearn questioning if the deal can be done. 

Hearn On AJ-Wilder

“Everybody has agreed to terms, but until the money is put in place, the fight’s not happening. There’s a movement in management and ownership of boxing in Saudi, and it’s up to them what they want to do. “If they don’t want to do Joshua-Wilder, maybe it goes somewhere else, but it’s one of the biggest fights in heavyweight boxing,” Hearn 

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