Eubank Jr. Downplays His Stoppage Loss To Liam Smith – ‘He Got His Head Boxed Off’

November 15, 2023
8 months

Chris Eubank Jr. has downplayed the significant of his loss to Liam Smith.

Eubank was stopped in the fourth round, much to the shock of the boxing community. His chin gave way for the first time in his career.

In the aftermath of the fight, there were several reasons put forward for the loss. There were suggestions that Smith’s use of an illegal elbow may have impacted the result.

In addition, theories were put forward that Eubank’s weight cut for the Conor Benn fight where he was required to make a career low of 157 pounds may have taken it out of him.

After all, given that Eubank’s fight with Ben was cancelled due to the latter’s positive test, getting into another camp with Smith may not have helped him.

But for all of the suggestions put forward, Eubank made it clear in no uncertain terms that he could have carried on in the fight.

Eubank Jr. On His Loss

I’ve heard people say it was a conclusive victory. No it wasn’t. It wasn’t conclusive. ‘He beat Eubank up, he outclassed him.’ No. He got his head boxed off for three rounds and then he caught me slipping in the fourth,” Eubank Jr told Sky Sports.

“There’s nothing conclusive about a man standing up and telling the referee let me continue and the referee waves it off while I’m on my feet ready to go.

“That’s not conclusive at all and that’s why I’m still a favourite in the bookies, even after a loss. There’s a reason for that,” Eubank

Nevertheless, even if Eubank did carry on, there was a chance that he could have suffered more injury. Upon getting up, it was clear that he was on unsteady legs. As such, another punch would have surely ended the bout. 

It is in a fighter’s blood to carry on until the end, and this was no exception. So moving forward in the future, Eubank will have to prove his doubters wrong. 

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