Eddie Hearn Confirms That Wilder Made A $50 Million Offer To AJ

November 25, 2023
3 months
Eddie Hearn Confirms That Wilder Made A $50 Million Offer To AJ

Deontay Wilder had made an official offer of $50 million in order to fight Anthony Joshua.

That is according to Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn. The two boxers had been attempting to make a fight for around five years, which first began in 2018. During the course of this process, an undisputed fight was on the cards. Joshua was in possession of the WBO, WBA, and IBF belts. Meanwhile, Wilder had the WBC title. Negotiations, however, would fail as both boxers lost their belts in the aftermath. Joshua first did so when he was stopped by Andy Ruiz Jr. in the seventh round. Although AJ would win the belts back in the rematch, the boxer lost them once again to Oleksandr Usyk

In contrast, Wilder was stopped on two occasions by Tyson Fury, who took his WBC belt. Therefore, the chance to become undisputed was no longer on the table. But that was not before a $50 million offer was made, which did not make any headway. 

Wilder’s Offer

“We received an email from a Hotmail address saying we will give you $50 million dollars for the fight. It was sent to Anthony Joshua. Directly. He was like ‘what.’ So, I went back and said send the contract. They went no, you need to agree terms before we send the contract. I said you don’t agree terms before sending the contract. I didn’t know what was the contract looks like at this point. I’m not going to put myself in a position and say yes I agree terms and then receive a contract that is just rubbish and you can’t sign it. But, they never sent it,” Hearn said

Despite this being the case, a fight is not out of the realm of possibility. Joshua and Wilder must get through their next bouts to keep the hopes of it alive. AJ takes on the tricky southpaw Otto Wallin, who has only lost once to Tyson Fury. And during that fight, the Gypsy King was lucky to get through since it could have been called off for him having a heavy cut above the eye.

Parker’s Aim

In addition to this, Wilder must face Joseph Parker, the former WBO heavyweight champion. The latter may not be the force that he once used to be after having been stopped by Joe Joyce. And yet, given that Parker is a former world champion, Wilder will have to be on his toes in order to avoid an upset. After all, Parker seems ready to cause a shock. 

“Any heavyweight can knock out a heavyweight. Joseph has got over 20 knockouts on his resume. Wilder has got a huge punch, one of the biggest in history, but Joseph does have some advantages. He is the better boxer, he’s quicker. It’s naive to write anyone off.Joseph was a world champion, so was Wilder. Wilder may have a massive punch, but outside of that, he’s not as well developed as Joseph. It’s a winnable fight for Joseph Parker, if he brings his A-game and we see the best Joseph Parker on the night,” Parker’s promoter (David Higgins) stated 

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