Diego Corrales And Ricky Hatton Among 2024 Boxing Hall Of Fame Inductees

December 8, 2023
4 months
Diego Corrales And Ricky Hatton Among 2024 Boxing Hall f Fame Inductees"

The International Boxing Hall of Fame has been announced for 2024, with some stellar names being inducted.

The event has been held annually to pay homage to some of the best boxers, trainers, referees, promoters and other figures in the sport since it began in 1989. The ceremony will take place next year from June 6-9th. This year’s list includes many star-studded names.

The late Diego Corrales’ fight with Jose Luis Castillo is considered one of the most action-packed fights ever. And after winning belts at super featherweight and lightweight, Corrales will be honoured in the Hall of Fame.

Elsewhere, Ricky Hatton was honoured for his wins over Kostya Tszyu, Paulie Malignaggi and Luis Collazo which made him a champion at 140 and 147. Despite being stopped by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, Hatton was part of some of the biggest fights.

Meanwhile, Ivan Calderon will be included for his accomplishments as a two-time champion at mini-flyweight and light flyweight. In addition, Michael Moorer (the first southpaw to win a world heavyweight championship) is also being mentioned.

Hall Of Fame List

Diego Corrales (Boxer Deceased)

Ricky Hatton (Boxer)

Ivan Calderon (Boxer)

Michael Moorer (Boxer)

Jane Couch (Boxer)

Ana Maria Tomas (Boxer)

Luis Angel Firpo (Boxer deceased)

Kenny Adams (Trainer)

Jackie Kallen (Manager) 

Fred Sternberg (Publicist) 

Wallace Matthews (Boxing Writer)


Maria de Lourdes Perez Barbieri (Firpo’s great niece): “In our hearts, the wait never ended. This is something that fills me with an enormous pride. That fight in 1923 in New York is branded with fire on the hearts of every Argentine and every boxing fan, and now we can say that time has done justice to that victory! It is an acknowledgement to his physical and mental strength, and to his humility too,”

Ivan Calderon: “This is the cherry on top, folks! Dreamed of it, boxed for it, and now I’m Hall of Fame material!” 

Ricky Hatton: “Blimey, who’d have thought? Lacing up at 10, and now I’m hobnobbing with boxing legends. I’m gobsmacked and over the moon!” 

Michael Moorer: “Absolutely chuffed! From the ring to the Hall of Fame Wall, rubbing shoulders with my heroes. I’ve made it to the big league!” 

Jane Couch: “Stunned, I am! Absolutely buzzing. Can’t wait to hit Canastota and hobnob with everyone!” 

Further Reaction

Ana Maria Torres: “What an honor! Me, in the Hall of Fame! Big thanks to my family – feels like winning another championship!” 

Kenny Adams: “This is it, the pinnacle of boxing glory. Couldn’t be happier!” 

Jackie Kallen: “I’m so excited I could burst! Recognized for my 45 years in the sport – what a thrill!” 

Fred Sternburg: “Stunned Working in boxing’s been a blast, and now I’m joining the legends. What an honor!” 

Wallace Matthews: “Never in it for the glitter, just for the love of boxing. Being honored with the greats is both a great honor and humbling.” 

Michelle Corrales (on behalf of Diego): “Overjoyed! Diego’s legacy lives on at the Hall of Fame. He’d be grinning from ear to ear. Thanks to everyone who saw his heart and hustle in the ring.”

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