Devin Haney Didn’t Pay To Have A Loss Removed – Says Tijuana Boxing Commission President Juan Carlos Pelayo

November 15, 2023
5 months

In the latest boxing news, Juan Carlos Pelayo, who happens to be the Tijuana Boxing Commission president, has denied speculation that Devin Haney had paid money to have a loss removed from his record. 

The comments were made in response to Regis Prograis confirming that he had heard the claim from a source. The allegation was in reference to the early parts of Haney’s career in Mexico. 

Prograis On Haney

“So I’m hearing Devin lost a fight in Mexico earlier in his career but he paid to take it off his record. IF that’s true that’s the weakest shit I ever heard so far in boxing. Press conference is Tuesday and y’all reporters better not let this shit slide. Just got confirmation that it’s true. You all reporters better do your research,” Prograis said

And it came to a head when Prograis brought up the comments once again at the first presser with Haney. Nevertheless, Prograis refused to divulge the nature of the source.

Meanwhile, Haney’s camp laughed off the suggestions as nothing more than background noise. And in order to settle the issue once and for all, Pelayo has dismissed any suggestions that there was foul play of any sort. 

Pelayo Responds

“I was there [at the Tijuana Boxing Commission] during those years [Haney fought]. Whoever says that he lost is a liar and is being untruthful. [Devin Haney never lost a single fight in Tijuana. That is a lie. I was personally there at least in nine of those fights, and he never lost a fight. There was an opponent who made a good fight [Montes Garcia], but he didn’t lose. One or two fighters did reasonably well against him, but he was superior. He always managed to win.

“Haney didn’t lose, and he won in good fashion. He was significantly superior in technique and boxing skills and a very effective kid…To be honest, I don’t understand why anybody would invent this kind of thing,” Pelayo stated

Clearly, the comments could have been an attempt by Prograis to win the battle of the mind games. And a in sport where the finest of margins make a difference, the boxer may be keen on getting any slight advantage that was available.

However, like all boxers, fighters must be able to back up the trash talk that was coming their way. Therefore, the only way to resolve the issue between the fighters would be for Haney to get a win over Prograis. And by the looks of it, that is Haney’s intention.

“I’m going to beat the s*** out of him. I’m thankful to be in this position and it’s a dream come true. This is a huge fight for boxing and it’s a big opportunity for me because I have always dreamed of becoming a two-weight division World champion,” Haney said

And if the ‘Dream’ manages to do just that, it will propel the boxer into becoming a two-weight world champion. So moving forward, there is plenty on the line. 

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