Deontay Wilder Controversially Calls Andy Ruiz A ‘Sex Slave’

November 15, 2023
7 months
Image of Deontay wilder angry during interview

Deontay Wilder has controversially called Andy Ruiz Jr. a ‘sex slave’ as talks over a fight continue to stall. 

The former world champions have been in discussion over a summer bout. However, the purse splits have been causing quite a stir.

Wilder’s side had offered Ruiz Jr. a 70-30 split in order to reflect the fact that the ‘Bronze Bomber’ is seen as the A-side.

While they both may no longer be champions, Wilder is seen as the bigger name having defended his WBC title 10 times, as opposed to Ruiz who had a single defense which he lost. 

And yet, Ruiz’s side have commanded an even split which did not sit well with Wilder. When Ruiz Sr. singled out Wilder for being a ‘liar,’ the American urged Ruiz to take control over his career, as well as branding him a ‘fat’ fighter. 

And now the star may have crossed the line with his latest jibe. 

“This is definitely not a 50/50 fight. He’s talking about a rematch clause. Either he’s drunk or he’s on drugs, maybe both. If this deal falls through, you’ll never see him again in the boxing scene, especially not on PBC.

“Andy Ruiz only has a fourth-grade education. This is a thing that came across my ears – they pulled him out and just wanted him to box.

“If it’s true, shame on the parents. Using him as a boxing sex slave… 33-year-old body with a fourth-grade education mind,” Wilder

This is not the first time that Wilder has ruffled a few feathers. He infamously had a fallout with boxing journalist Radio Raheem.

The reporter had questioned Wilder’s face off comments with Tyson Fury in which the American claimed that his people had been fighting for ‘400 years.’

When Raheem asked Wilder to give clarity on his comments, the ‘Bronze Bomber’ was not best pleased. 

“Ya’ll know what the f**k I’m talkin’ bout when I say these things. Your people too.

“How dare you sit up there and say explain — you know what I’m talkin’ about, man. [Fury’s] fighting people. You know we been fighting 400 and still fighting to this day.

“TO THIS DAY! TO THIS DAY! You gonna sit here and say you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about?! Pfft, man I’m outta here, bro,” Wilder 

It is not exactly clear if a Wilder-Ruiz bout will happen given everything that has been said, but if it does, then the build up will surely provide plenty of fireworks. 

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