De La Hoya Says Garcia Will Fight Haney – ‘He Looks Ready, It’s All Good’

March 8, 2024
1 month
De La Hoya Says Garcia Will Fight Haney - 'He Looks Ready, It's All Good'

Oscar De La Hoya has reassured fans that Ryan Garcia will fight Devin Haney on April 20.

There are concerns over Garcia’s state of mind following his social media activity. During an interaction with a fan on Live Space, Garcia admitted he was ‘high as f**k.’ He followed that up with comments clarifying his position, stating that he only smoked weed and drank.

But since then, his ex-wife Andrea Celina noted that he was not in a good frame of mind as she urged boxing fans to pray for him. Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, told fans his son was fine. But Garcia’s social media activity has raised concerns, given the range of topics he has been posting about, ranging from human trafficking to Jeffrey Epstein. But De La Hoya was clear that the fight would go ahead.

De La Hoya On Garcia

“Come April 20th, it’s going to be a blood bath, it literally is. I’ve been in touch with Ryan Garcia. I spoke to him yesterday, and we FaceTimed each other. He looks good; he looks ready. All I know is he left for camp yesterday, and he’s with Derrick James, and he’s with his whole team. One thing about Ryan is he’s been training, and there are 6/7 weeks left to be ready for this fight on April 20th. That’s perfect timing; it’s all good. We will see Ryan Garcia up in the ring on April 20th,” De La Hoya stated

Garcia has backed up those comments. Ryan clarified his position on social media, stating that he would only be posting about boxing now that he is in camp. He has the chance to secure his first-ever world title. If he comes out victorious, Garcia will become the biggest star in boxing based on his social media following.

But based on Garcia’s biggest fight so far, he came up short. He was knocked out by Gervonta Davis in the seventh round at a 136-pound catchweight fight. However, since Garcia had to abide by a ten-pound rehydration clause, the boxer admitted he was not 100 percent. But the Haney fight has no rehydration clause nor a rematch clause, meaning the winner takes all.

Garcia Reacts

“I Ryan Garcia, will not be speaking or tweeting or writing anything other then My Fight ”Boxing” and Sports. All topics of discussion will be discussed after my fight,’ he wrote. ‘5 weeks of focus. You have my word I’m locked in I’ll see you 4-20,” Garcia stated

But if Garcia does not make the fight, two other fighters have offered to step in. Adrien Broner and Shakur Stevenson have put themselves forward. Broner’s name came about after he stated his comments were vindicated about Gervonta Davis beating Devin Haney in sparring after Garcia leaked the sparring tape.

Stevenson has been linked with the Haney fight, event turning down a 25 percent offer to make the fight. But that fight could take place at 140. This makes it vital that Garcia turns up come fight night.


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