DAZN’s Joe Markowski Expects A Big 2024 For The Network

November 19, 2023
5 months
DAZN's Joe Markowski Expects A Big 2024 For The Network

DAZN’s Joe Markowski expects the network to do big things starting in 2024. 

The comments arrive in the aftermath of the news that Showtime will be exiting boxing by the end of the year. That has resulted in PBC looking for a new network with reports that they are considering both Amazon Prime or DAZN. That has opened the door for DAZN to expand its influence in the United States, which will be key given their recent introduction into the market. And after having received criticism for abandoning its traditional stance of getting rid of pay-per-view, Markowski was looking ahead to the new year with positive news. 

Markowski On DAZN

“DAZN’s boxing business will be very, very profitable and successful in 2024. I think it’s got expansion opportunities. I think it’s going to be interesting to see where the PBC go. I dunno where it’s going to go. I think the PBC guys are considering their options. That will be an obvious growth opportunity for DAZN boxing. That’s going to be a big one,” Markowski said

Nevertheless, this will depend on a variety of factors. PBC’s next move could prove critical, as if they were to align themselves with DAZN, then that would open up a huge market for them. PBC’s stable is one of the best around with Gervonta Davis, Jermell Charlo, David Benavidez and Canelo Alvarez just being some of the biggest names. In addition, given the introduction of Saudi Arabia into boxing, DAZN could delve into that market now that Matchroom has managed to play a part in the mega Saudi card on December 23rd, 2023. 

And to round things off, DAZN has become one of the leading names to be involved in influencer boxing. And all of that has been the result of continuous investment that has gone into the company. Markowski’s following comments confirmed as much. 

DAZN’s Vision

“We’ve invested in and focused solely on digital distribution. That is because that’s where consumption is going. I don’t think the reason Showtime left the market is only because of that, but also because their linear-digital mix was wrong. It comes down to the fact that boxing, the economics of it are hard to get, right? Our entry [in 2018] disrupted the market. And the market has massively adjusted since then, multiple times. Did Showtime get that right recently? I don’t know. Boxing is probably an unpredictable pain point for [them],” Markowski stated

Once Showtime does exit boxing, then fans will be in a better position to judge the sport. HBO’s exit only strengthened Showtime, which is why the latter’s exit may do the same when it comes to other platforms. And if DAZN can become more successful in the aftermath, then Markowski will no doubt welcome the news. However, the key is ultimately whether fight fans will get better value for money. And there is no getting away from that. 

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