David Morrell Jr. Secures A Second-Round Victory Over Sena Agbeko In Showtime’s Final Card

December 17, 2023
7 months
David Morrell Jr. Secures A Second-Round Victory Over Sena Agbeko In Showtime's Final Card

David Morrell Jr. knocked out Sena Agbeko in the second round to mark Showtime’s final card in boxing.

The network will not be broadcasting boxing starting next year, and Morrell delivered a highlight KO in front of a sold-out crowd at The Armory in Minneapolis. The Cuban had Agbeko on the ropes after a straight left in the second.

As he had him backed up, Morrell continued to unleash combinations. A series of right hooks and left hands ended the fight. Morrell called out David Benavidez for his next fight, which could play out if the Mexican Monster cannot secure a bout with Canelo Alvarez.

Morrell Stops Agbeko

“Thank you to my fans for coming to the fight,” Morrell said. “Teaching everyone who is the number one. I’m ready. I tell everybody my team, my family…I’m looking forward to next year. For now, I feel happy. Right now, I’m going to go my house for Christmas and focus on next year.

“Everybody came for my fight, I’m so excited. The first time my dad and my mom came to watch me fight, so I’m really excited to have them here… [And] it’s my night. It’s my time. It’s my year, and I’m looking forward to a good 2024. In 2024, I want to fight Benavidez. One hundred percent,” Morrell said

Co-Main Event

In the co-main event, Jose Valenzuela delivered a devastating knockout of Chris Colbert. The latter had come out on top in their first bout, but Valenzuela made no mistake in the rematch. Immediately from the first round, Valenzuela pushed Colbert back on the ropes. He overpowered him with numerous combinations as Colbert touched the canvas. 

That set up the narrative for the inevitable as a vicious right hook on Colbert ended the fight in the sixth.

Valenzuela Wants Davis

Before the fight, Valenzuela wanted Gervonta Davis next, which is still the plan.

“As soon as I went home I went straight to work. I want to thank Chris, he’s a hell of a fighter. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. It takes two to tango so I’m grateful for him. “I was just teeing off on him. I was throwing combinations to the body and to the head, mixing it up. You know, he was tough he was holding up. The second time he turned left he saw I was gonna make a jab so he could catch it up front, but I dipped a little bit and shot the right hook.”

“Everything happens for a reason. I got to thank God. I was patient for a reason. But you know, I beat him twice now. This was a title eliminator and I want to fight for the title. So, Tank Davis let’s get it on man. Let’s give these people a great show … I think I’m ready. I put my heart and soul into this and I beat him twice now so I think I deserve it,” Valenzuela said

Full Card

David Morrell Jr. beat Sena Agbeko via a second-round KO

Jose Valenzuela beat Chris Colbert via a sixth-round KO

Robert Guerrero beat Andre Berto via a unanimous decision: 98-92, 98-92, 99-91

Alberto Puello beat Ector Madera via a unanimous decision: 80-72, 80-72, 79-73

Kyrone Davis beat Cruse Stewart via a unanimous decision: 77-75, 77-75, 77-75

Lawrence King beat Alex Theran via a fourth-round KO

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