Darren Till Wants To Box Jake Paul

May 29, 2024
2 months
Darren Till Wants To Box Jake Paul

Darren Till is targeting a boxing bout with Jake Paul, provided he beats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Till left the UFC in 2022 after losing to Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 282. That was his third UFC loss in a row, as he called time on his MMA career. He had been linked with a fight against Mike Perry in BKFC. Perry has transformed his career since leaving the UFC, going 5-0 in BKFC.

Perry was also linked with a boxing fight against Chavez Jr., Unlike Till. However, Perry turned it down on the basis that the purse was not big enough. Till took his chance as he will face Chavez Jr. on the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson card. The fight will take place on July 20. Till was aiming for Paul, provided he beat Chavez Jr. in their 190-pound clash. 

Till Reacts

“When I do win, when I knock Chavez Jr. out, I’m going to get on the mic or whatever, watch Jake’s fight, and I’ll be right there in the mix. I’m going to hold him to that fight now. [Forget] him fighting Tommy (Fury), him fighting anyone else, all this McGregor – I’m the same size as him, so let’s see. Most probably (jumping into the ring) after the winner with a pint, just jumping in. I probably will do that,” Till said

Nevertheless, that depends on a few factors. Paul’s immediate focus will be on beating Tyson. He has made it clear that his aim is to secure a world title. That has also included the aim of facing Canelo Alvarez later down the line. Paul has started that process by shifting his focus away from fighting MMA fighters. His last two fights were against pro boxers.

He stopped Andre August and Ryan Bourland in the first round. While they were not the biggest names, it was a shift in opposition. Prior to that, Paul had faced Nate Diaz, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Till would fit that line of opposition, making it less likely for him to get that fight. There is also another hurdle to overcome.

Till’s MMA Return

Till has not ruled out a return to MMA. His three-fight losing streak in the UFC is not the best way to go out. While he could return to the UFC to rectify that, he also has plenty of options elsewhere. There is a potential crossover to the PFL following their acquisition of Bellator last year. Although the PFL may not be as big as the UFC in terms of brand, they can provide big paydays. Till has left the door open for a return to MMA. 

“I do miss MMA, I’ll be honest. I haven’t said I’m done with MMA, I wanted a little change-up in things and that’s what I’m doing, say the next 2 to 3 years now. Who knows? I still speak to Hunter and Dana on the regular,” Till added


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