Dana White Teases A Massive UFC Fight – It’s Not McGregor

November 29, 2023
3 months
Dana White Teases A Massive UFC Fight - It's Not McGregor

Dana White has teased the possibility of a super fight for the UFC, which does not concern Conor McGregor.

With UFC 300 around the corner, the talk has turned towards which fighters will make an appearance on the card. So far, White has ruled out a return for Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, and even McGregor. That has left question marks over who could make an appearance on the card. Dustin Poirier has expressed his desire to make an appearance on the card. Meanwhile, Nate Diaz could make a return since he has expressed his aim to come back to the UFC. With that being said, this is what White had to say.

White On His Plans

“We’re talking about one right now, actually, that just popped up a few days ago. I can’t talk about it until we get everybody … well, every fight that you would consider a ‘super fight’ would involve [Conor] McGregor but this one isn’t, no.

“These guys are all in good positions where they can wait for the right time. When you actually think about the fight, Chandler-Conor is a fun [expletive] fight. Tell me the last boring fight Chandler was in. Even going back to Bellator. He was in exciting fights in Bellator, too,” White stated 

Outside of those names mentioned, Michael Chandler is also waiting in the wings to fight McGregor. White has dismissed any worries over Chandler continuing to wait for the McGregor fight, despite it being over a year.

Ever since the pair competed as rival coaches on the TUF 31 series, a fight had been talked about. However, there were major obstacles that emerged in making such a fight. The Notorious had failed to enrol in USADA, which meant that a fight could not happen in 2023.

While the MMA fighter has now done so, there are question marks over the fight date. McGregor has made it clear that his aim is to fight at UFC 300. However, that appears unlikely, with White suggesting that a summer date is more plausible.

“He’s good, he’s ready. He wants to [fight]. He’s got to sit out for the six months to get back into the drug-testing pool. So realistically… could be looking at him next summer,” White stated

And given the long wait that has naturally emerged, Chandler could be forgiven for feeling frustrated. However, White has dismissed those concerns by talking up Chandler’s financial position.

“The good thing for guys like Chandler, and you know there’s a lot of sh*t talk about fighter pay and all that other sh*t – you don’t see these guys hurrying up to fight. Jon Jones takes off for f*cking years. Chandler can hang out and wait for f*cking Conor.

“When you think about Chandler, Chandler was fighting for f*cking Bellator, right? Now Chandler can just sit around and take his time and wait for Conor however long it takes, so these guys are all in good positions where they can wait for the right time, the right fight,” White stated 

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