Crawford Too Small For Canelo – Says Malignaggi And Mosley

November 15, 2023
4 months

Paulie Malignaggi has expressed how Terence Crawford is too small to overcome Canelo Alvarez.

The prospect of the two facing each other could become a possibility after Bud first teased the idea of a fight at 158. The weight limit, though, was ruled out by Alvarez who has not fought below 160 since 2019.

Thereafter, Crawford revised his plans by making it clear that he would be open to facing Canelo at 168. This would require him to move up three weight classes in order to make it happen. And that is something that Malignaggi felt would be too much.

Malignaggi On Crawford

“I think he’s too small,” Malignaggi

Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind the following point. Malignaggi made the same point when it came to Bud’s fight against Errol Spence Jr.

The former world champion made it clear that Spence would be too big and strong for him at welterweight. However, the fight turned out to be anything but that.

Bud dropped Spence three times as he stopped him in the ninth round. And his strength was shown in the second round, as he pushed Spence off of him during a clinch.

And that is why Malignaggi was not too confident in his prediction. His following comments confirmed as much.

“But then again, I thought he was too small for Spence, shows what I know,” Malignaggi

Mosley On Crawford

Those comments were also backed up by Shane Mosley, who argued that Crawford would be taking on too much if he were to face Canelo Álvarez at 168.

Bud’s confidence is riding high, though, following his win over Errol Spence Jr. in which he dropped the ’Truth’ three times in order to stop him in the ninth round.

Although he is set to face Spence in a rematch, which will most likely be at 154 after the latter exercised his right to a rematch, Crawford is already looking to a potential fight with Canelo.

But given that he has not even had a fight at 154 or 160, going straight up to 168 would be a major risk. And that is how Mosley saw it all.

“The size of the boxing ring, it matters. I know because when I went to 154, I wasn’t really a 154-pounder. I won some titles and knocked out some people, but in reality, I knew I wasn’t a 154-pounder. When you go up against top-class fighters in that weight class, then it becomes a problem,” Mosley

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