Crawford Denies Taking PEDS, Bivol Vs. Canelo Won’t Happen

November 15, 2023
4 months

Terence Crawford has denied taking performance enhancing drugs after his association with Victor Conte came under scrutiny. 

Conte was involved in a PED saga that was recently played out on his Netflix documentary,’ Hall of Shame.’ The former had been taken in by the authorities in 2005 on the grounds of money laundering and trying to distribute steroids.

Bay Area Laboratory Cooperate [BALCO], which happened to be his company that he founded in 1984, was heavily scrutinized. 

Thereafter, Conte made a deal with the authorities. He spent four months in jail which included four months of house arrest.

But given that Conte does work with the sport’s biggest stars, such as Devin Haney and Terence Crawford, through his ‘Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning’ [SNAC] supplements, Bud’s affiliation has been questioned.  

This was on the basis that he was considering jumping up three weight classes to take on Canelo Alvarez. That led to serious question marks over Crawford’s approach to what he would be putting in his system. In response, this is what Bud had to say. 

Crawford On PEDS

“You all be so mad at me and don’t even know why, but I do, though. Now I’m juicing. I’ve done heard it all. I can’t just be great. They can text me any year long and will never come close to seeing anything illegal in my body. I love it! You are all my motivation. Keep motivating [because] you are all part of the success story,” Crawford said 

Crawford’s Record

Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind the following. Crawford has never tested positive for any substance out there. And given that he is the undisputed welterweight champion, he is more likely than most to be subjected to tougher testing.

But as long as Crawford continues to have success as he moves up, then there will always be some form of criticism to deal with. And there is not getting away from that.

Bivol Vs. Canelo

Meanwhile, Dmitry Bivol’s manager, Vadim Kornilov, does not expect a rematch with Canelo Alvarez to happen. 

Bivol beat Alvarez via a unanimous decision at light heavyweight in a fight that was one-sided. In the aftermath of the fight, however, Alvarez underwent surgery on his wrist with suggestions that he was not 100 percent during the fight.

Thereafter, there were attempts to get a rematch done. However, disputes over the weight meant the fight never got over the line. Bivol was intent on having the rematch at 168 for all of Canelo’s belts.

Meanwhile, Canelo desired to run things back at light heavyweight. And with Alvarez now moving on to face Jermell Charlo on September 30th, 2023, Kornilov does not expect the fight to ever happen. 

“Canelo mentioned Dmitry’s name on many occasions as the most prioritized opponent, and instead he fought with others like Gennadiy Golovkin, John Ryder. He constantly mentioned that he wanted to take revenge. But in fact, he did not want it: politically and from a sporting point of view. He’s not interested [in a second fight].

“Canelo lost almost every round in the first fight with Bivol, he looked too insecure – and objectively I don’t see what sense he can find to do a rematch. We received nothing from him, except for the words at a press conference. We were waiting [to do the rematch],” Kornilov 

Bivol’s Future

However, Bivol does have other options moving forward which could be just as big. The WBA light-heavyweight champion could still fight for all the belts at 175 against Artur Beterbiev.

The latter holds the three other belts. However, the WBC has prevented Russian fighters from fighting for the belt. But provided that his hurdle can be overcome, as there are exceptions in place, Bivol could still be in mega fights.

In addition, if Charlo does manage to beat Canelo, then Bivol has stated that he would be open to facing the American at 168. So for Bivol, there are still plenty of options  moving forward.

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