Conor McGregor Mocked For His Boxing Skills – ‘He’s Terrible, Got No Self-Pride’

February 25, 2024
2 months
Conor McGregor Mocked For His Boxing Skills - 'He's Terrible, Got No Self-Pride'

Conor McGregor’s boxing skills have been heavily criticized amid rumors of a potential fight with Manny Pacquiao.

McGregor, a UFC two-weight world champion, has had one boxing fight, which was against Floyd Mayweather in 2017. The Notorious managed to last until the 10th round before he was stopped. The performance was respectable, given he had lasted so long against one of the greatest boxers of his era. 

But before the bout, McGregor had invited Paulie Malinaggi into camp. Malinaggi is a former world champion known for having a high boxing IQ. However, the relationship turned sour as Malinaggi was removed from camp.

This was accompanied by a leaked sparring video, showing McGregor getting the better of the boxer. Malinaggi refuted the narrative, demanding that McGregor release the full sparring tape. This has not happened to this day, leaving a lot of bad blood between the two. Now, Malinaggi has fired some verbal shots against McGregor. 

Malinaggi On McGregor

“He’s terrible at boxing, awful. There’s a reason that after six years you’ve only seen six seconds of my sparring with him. That’s not by accident. Had he had any sort of accomplishment or success against me you’d have seen the whole thing already. I think the Manny  fight would sell but he wouldn’t be competitive at all against Pacquiao, plus Pacquiao has a lot of power and that’s the last thing you lose. Plus McGregor doesn’t have a very good chin or desire,”  Malinaggi said 

Despite this, a Pacquiao fight could be in the works. Reports indicate that Saudi Arabia is keen on making the fight. However, this has been complicated by McGregor’s UFC future. The Notorious has two fights left on his UFC contract but has not fought since 2021. 

That was when he lost to Dustin Poirier and suffered a leg injury. He was expected to make his comeback in 2023, but his failure to enrol in USADA testing before their departure prevented that. McGregor would then enrol, but his next fight is unclear. 

On New Year’s Day, he announced that he was fighting Michael Chandler on June 29 at 185 pounds. Dana White ruled out that, leaving the Irishman uncertain about his next steps. McGregor may take a boxing bout against Pacquiao if a UFC fight cannot be made. But Malinaggi felt this would backfire. 

McGregor vs Pacquiao

“Pacquiao would throw combinations and go at McGregor in a very offensive way and I don’t think it’s the right option for McGregor.  He’d once again become a punching bag. How many times will he go to the well and then have to rescue himself from this punching bag image? He’s like a mercenary. If he continues to fight and allows himself to get beat up like this, he’s got no self-pride at all. 

“He’s basically the same as a mercenary, allowing himself to get railed by everyone for money. This guy is the fighter’s equivalent of that. Getting his ass kicked left, right, and centre just for a few bucks. He’s the fighter’s version of a mercenary if that’s what he keeps doing,” Malinaggi added 

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