Charlo Wants Boots To Fight Ennis, Ugas On Spence’s Defeat

November 15, 2023
5 months

Jermell Charlo is calling on Terence Crawford to face Jaron Ennis at welterweight. 

Following Crawford’s ninth-round stoppage of Errol Spence Jr. to become the undisputed welterweight champion, Boots became the IBF mandatory to Bud.

However, the terms of the Spence fight meant that there was a rematch clause, which has not been activated by Spence. The bout is likely to take place at 154, something which both boxers were open to doing.

This would then have the impact of Crawford vacating the belts at 147, thus ruling out a fight with Boots. Although Boots could then become the full IBF champion after being elevated to it, Charlo was keen on seeing Crawford face Boots. 

Charlo On Ennis

“I’m putting Boots in there with Crawford. I want to see Boots and Crawford go at it. That’d be nice; leave us alone. Jaron Ennis doesn’t have a lot of pull like all them, but that’s actually the best fight for Crawford. I actually think so. He [Boots] can switch both hands, has good power, speed, young, great instincts, and I think that’s probably the better fight,” Charlo

Crawford- Ennis

In reality, Crawford is entering into the latter parts of his career. And at the age of 36, facing Ennis provides no value to him by way of legacy. Ennis currently holds not belt, nor has he fought anyone of note yet. 

Not only that, but Ennis is a much younger fighter looking to make a name for himself. Therefore, the bout poses a high-risk, low-reward fight for him.

Despite this being the case, Crawford has taken his time in the past to praise Boots. And that does go on to show his admiration for the boxer.

“Well, Boots is a tremendous, talented guy. I been watching him in the amateurs like I was watching Errol Spence. Very talented, go both (southpaw and orthodox), very strong, knows boxing. He’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with, and me and him, later down the line, if that come on my table and it’s a right fight for me, I’m taking it all,” Ennis

Ugas On Spence

Meanwhile, Yordenis Ugas has reacted to Errol Spence Jr’s loss to Terence Crawford. The ‘Truth’ was totally outclassed, as he was stopped in the ninth round as Crawford became the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era. 

However, the narrative running into the fight suggested that things would be more competitive. In Spence’s last fight before Bud, he faced the man himself, Ugas.

In a brutal clash that resulted in Ugas being stopped in the eleventh round, Spence’s performance showed a man who was willing to break down boxers. And yet, when it came to Crawford, the ‘Turth’ simply had nothing to trouble Crawford. 

And that was something that took Ugas by surprise, given his own fight with Spence. 

“I don’t know what the f— happened. I mean, that wasn’t the Spence that fought with me. He seemed like a completely different person,” Ugas

Nevertheless, both boxers will have the chance to run things back. Spence has activated his rematch clause, with the weight most likely being at 154. That could throw up a new dynamic in the fight, with suggestions that Spence may have been weight-drained at 147.

Although that may be the case, another loss for Spence would show Bud’s superiority. But for Ugas, he predicted a much closer fight. 

“I think at 154. The rematch will be a more competitive fight,” Ugas