Catterall Grabs Taylor’s Throat In Fiery Presser – ‘I Can’t Wait To Smash His Brains’

February 19, 2024
2 months
Catterall Grabs Taylor's Throat In Fiery Presser - 'I Can't Wait To Smash His Brains'

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall clashed during a heated exchange in their first press conference. 

The two boxers meet in their rematch on April 27 after their first bout ended in major controversy. They faced off in 2022, as Taylor won a split decision to retain the Undisputed Junior Welterweight Championship Title. Most of the boxing community believed that Taylor had come out second best.

That left the narrative for a rematch, with Catterall desperate to avenge the loss. The rematch was set to occur, but Taylor withdrew with a foot injury. The Scot took on Teofimo Lopez after he vacated all his belts except the WBO. Taylor lost the Lopez bout via a unanimous decision, meaning the Catterall rematch is now for no belt. That has not prevented the magnitude of the fight, with both men engaging in a war of words during the presser. 

Catterall Grabs Taylor's Throat In Fiery Presser - 'I Can't Wait To Smash His Brains'
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Taylor-Catteral Quotes

“It’s been a long time coming, I’m excited now it feels real being here today. I got a warm welcome on the way but that’s obviously changed now. I believe I won last time and we’re two years on now. [And] I don’t believe that he wanted to fight me but he’s here now and I’m going to smash his head in come April 27th. I’ve stayed in the gym and have picked up two victories since then whilst he went to New York and got smashed, I believe he is on the decline. I’m going to capitalise on that and put him to bed. Without a shadow of a doubt, I am coming in there to do damage,” Catterall said

“This one is going to be action packed, he says he is going to knock me out but he’s never knocked anyone out in his life. We’ll see what happens but I can’t wait for this fight, it’s going to be class. They’ve billed it ‘Hate runs strong’ but I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t like this guy and I can’t wait to smash his brains in. I picked up a bad injury and it took a long time to get over it. I fought a mandatory whilst he fought a nobody and fought a 40-year-old and still couldn’t put him away,” Taylor stated

Things only escalated from there, as the two fighters came face-to-face. The following footage shows them preparing to have a face-off. As they moved in closer, Catterall grabbed Taylor by his throat. The Scot responded by pushing Catterall back, as Eddie Hearn entered the fray to diffuse the situation. That capped off a heated presser, as both men sought to get in each other’s head. 

Rest Of The Presser

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