Canelo’s PBC Future In Doubt As Next Fight Stalls – Al Haymon May Have A Problem

February 9, 2024
2 weeks
Canelo's PBC Future In Doubt As Next Fight Stalls - Al Haymon May Have A Problem

Rick Glaser has said there are question marks over Canelo Alvarez’s next fight with PBC, which would be on Amazon Prime Video. 

Alvarez signed a three-fight deal with PBC after leaving DAZN and faced Jermell Charlo in his first fight. The Mexican won a unanimous decision as he defended his Undisputed Super Middleweight Title. After the win, Canelo was linked with several names for his next bout, including David Benavidez, Terence Crawford and Jermall Charlo

Boxing fans want to see the Benavidez bout, while reports stress that Canelo is keen on Charlo and then Crawford. A date for Cinco De Mayo Weekend has been mentioned for Canelo’s next fight on May 4. So far, nothing has come out from PBC or Amazon Prime Video, making Glaser question if there are obstacles in the way.

Canelo's PBC Future In Doubt As Next Fight Stalls - Al Haymon May Have A Problem
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Canelo’s Future

“A lot rumors regarding #PBC are really starting to resonate with Excutives throughout #Boxing & PBC fighter’s Attorneys, now the hard questions are starting to be asked, including #Canelo’s concern over the guarantor for his purse of what is suppose to be a May 4 fight, but PBC has been dead silent about May 4 with no announcement.

“Some other questions now being asked; why was there zero participation from Amazon at the Media Conference to announce Anazon’s first fight the March 30 #TszyuThurman event, & why no marketing from #Amazon for that event since the Media Conference. There’s too many very negative signs to ignore, start paying attention,” Glaser said 

Eddie Hearn also questioned whether Canelo would stay beyond his three-fight deal in response to Canelo leaving DAZN. 

Canelo is also a major cash cow of the sport. This means he does not need to tie himself down to a long-term contract. Thus, making it easier for him to fight as a free agent. At 33, the Mexican will be looking to secure the biggest paydays for the least risky fights.

The four-division champion has nothing else to prove in the sport. His legacy has been secured even if he does not face Benavidez, as he will go down as a Hall-of-Famer. That is why Hearn expected Canelo to continue operating as a free agent. 

Hearn On Canelo

“I don’t think he’ll go beyond the three-fight deal. And I think that’s fine. We believe in him. We have a great relationship and I think. You know, he’s gonna make sure that he works with whoever wants to work with but also in the fights he wants to be in. I think that’s the great thing about the flexibility of this position is he can literally go and fight who he wants on whatever platform he wants, but we know we have these next three fights locked in,” Hearn stated 

As the May date approaches, PBC will look to put on the biggest fights to convince Amazon Prime Video that their boxing venture was the right move. Getting Canelo on board will be vital for that. 

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